Insane Travel Adventure- Riding Across Nepal on a Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycle

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Riding Nepal in 1000+ miles in 2 weeks on a street bike through the off-road paradise of this gorgeous country, who else but Alex Chacon?!

Join the Modern Motorcycle Diaries as Alex inadvertently takes a street 200cc Bajaj Pulsar motorcycle through the muddiest, most remote parts of Nepal as he meets the locals, gets lost, and deals with the difficult nature of motorcycle travel and its frustrations while adventuring abroad. He rides from Katmandu, to Pokhara, south to the border with India and even makes it to Mt. Everest!

Alex does Charity work while traveling abroad and encourages you to contribute to your local community or somewhere around the world like to this fine organization in Nepal:

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TWiGs ADV says:

Very awesome! I hope to be able to ride a bike in many other countries, and
experience the hardships and absolute joy of besting them! Great videos!

Brian Bass says:

Keep crossing those streams to clean the chain and exhaust pipes. Perhaps
beware of yellow lines and yellow snow? Jeez, Alex, I’m beginning to think
you’re a whiner. Remember that song lyric from the end of the Major League
Baseball movie of Billy Bean (Brad Pitt), “Money Ball” … “… Dad you’re
a loser so just enjoy the ride.”? C;mon, Alex we know you’re loving it –
I would. Complaining about the room reservation? Spiders only suck your
juices at night and if they can’t catch a bug and remember where you are.
Did that guy (cop) see himself in the lens? Met a girl in Chiangmai
airport a few weeks ago who does missions work in Nepal – she didn’t
complain. Are you going gurly or just having a blast? 

iride london says:

great video as always thanks for sharing it look amazing

o3tomas says:

I bet that hotel is TripAdvisor recommened

Haole kim says:

I did this in the early 80s, when there was less traffic, just thankful I
survived. Now, riding through India or Nepal would be crazy and suicidal
or even worse, crippling!. Very dangerous riding a motorcycle. I am just
walking again after 2 and half painful years recovering, in one second you
are crippled or dead!! Take the trains in India, and bus in Nepal, and you
might get back in one piece to enjoy a better life.

Sweetman says:

Anything you touch with a motorcycle instantly turns to gold man! Except
Nepal… Nepal still has quite a bit of mud and not much gold after you’ve
been there. It’s a fantastic country with beautiful people.

Andreas Prem says:

Immer Spaß dabei. Seine Videos vermitteln immer gute Laune.

MysteryVibes says:

Love these video’s! 

bakker46 says:

Great vid … really enjoyed

Charles Penner says:

Most Amazing Adventures and he did it on a small street bike

Apocalypse Optimist says:

I would like to go to a beginner class for Nepal’s version of the MSF.

Samcro10 says:

Awesome video! Nice filtering too :)

lonestarrider says:

Fantastic Video! Thanks For Sharing!

Mattia Virtuani says:

You are great buddy, i really appreciate your videos and your trip all
around the world with motorbikes!! You are making me kind of envying ;)

Goo Amazing - Travel Video Channel says:

Good, I like ridding a big motor thanks for sharing video

TheMan says:

That is the way to travel! I noticed that those bikes are super popular in
Honduras too, I might have bought one if I had lived there any longer… or
maybe it would have been a Bronco. Hey if you can’t have a Name brand
Japanese bike at least you can ride “Japan technology”, or something with
“ninja” font on it! 😉

Chris Voodoo says:

I know you have been fortunate enough to have the adventures you have had,
but its strange how this one shows so much to the rest of us, with kids and
other commitments, that if you can take a trip and rent a motorcycle, how
these journeys are possible, I love your videos but something about this
one strangely speaks out that even with the odds trips like this are
possible, Thank you.

Siyahla Beyaz says:

You are my idol, man :)

ken schlegel says:

Hey Alex, been watching your videos for a long time and love them!! Gonna
do something similar. What do you use for mapping routes on the road.
Google map, Google earth, base camp with city navigator maps? I’m
assuming you bring a computer with you on the road.
Thanks and Safe Travels!

Srinidhi Aithal says:

How inspiring is this… Makes me want to travel somewhere now

Inznan D'Curlyman says:

Yellow line on google maps, ahahaha

Stephanie Supertramp says:

Awesome video! Im dying to go to Nepal :)

LunarFangBankai says:

Yay! New video! Thanks for taking us on your adventures!

Kidrauhl : says:

That thumbnail looks like far cry 4 :D

Daniel Mores says:

Another nice one!
Good to see you’re still out and about and making a living riding the
world. Keep it up, Mr. Chacon.

ASSIM says:

wooow ..
that’s amazing Alex ..
I really want to do it ..

Collin Golden says:

That Bajaj held up through 3 days of that? Amazing! 

Tinc says:

You, sir, are interesting to say the least. I envy your adventures and love
the videos. Keep being awesome.

Víctor JD says:

Awsome video Alex, thanks for share it with us! :)

An86J says:

Very nice, i Love your Videos… Today i Upload my India Video 😉 

dhyanais says:

This is so funny. Other countries, other streets :)

Hellstone Rider says:

you always inspire me, it is time to grab my camera and saddle up and ride

Rider buzz says:

Great Video !!! thanks Alex ! 

P UNK says:

who doesn’t love this man???

Matthew Mason says:

Always love your videos, keep em coming!

MrZhesin says:

Very nice video, good luck!

mercedes pena says:

Insane Travel Adventure- Riding Across Nepal on a Bajaj Pulsar Motorcycle:

Chinmay Jain says:

its “BAJAJ” and not “baja”

Real Name says:

Is there a store that sells generic clapping and whistling music?

thekurufasulye says:

i’m so jealous you

송민영 says:

i love your video

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