How To Travel To 12 Countries On $30 A Day

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New episodes every Saturday starting in March 2015!

Fresh out of college and bored to death, best friends Kelsey Ogden and Kristen Refermat swap their savings for a pair of round-the-world plane tickets and set off to see 12 countries on a budget of just $30 a day.

Follow two hilarious best friends as they explore the world on a budget. They hitchhike, couchsurf, street perform, overeat, laugh, yell, and get really sweaty. Like water beard sweaty. There is no script. These are not professionals. They’re just a pair of young ladies intent on proving that adventure, friendship, and broader horizons needn’t have hefty price tags.

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heyheyitssami says:

This seems like such a great concept, wish the series would continue!!!

Paul Davis says:

“The world is our oldest friend. So, seems we owe her a visit.” What’s
keeping you from going when you can do it on a budget? Wonderful video!

riverjump fail says:

Will we ever see the rest of the series? It’s so good!

checcorockon says:

i really don’t wanna be a prick here but I need to ask: how much the only
presence of your vaginas influenced the purpose? This tight budget of yours
should enlist your cunts as well.
Ops, I realized that I was totally a prick with this comment. I’m sorry,
it’s all envy…

Shawn Cookson says:

Well done!

Moriah Bender says:

When does part 5 come out?

zamir Gutierrez says:


Nikhil Raghavan says:

Hi guys! When is part 5 out?? 

Sixpenny Globe says:

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