How to Afford to Travel Around the World? | 1MINaDAY

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What happens when a young entrepreneur gives up meat, cheese, eggs, coffee and alcohol in exchange for a high-carb vegan lifestyle? Will my businesses continue to grow? Will my health and fitness improve? What will happen to my relationships? Find out by following me on this journey! I promise I won’t take much of your time. Only about 1 minute a day 😉

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Patty Blake says:

YES! I’m absolutely interested in more vids like this!! BRING ‘EM ON!!!*^^*

Carl Harwatt says:

What kinds of businesses are possible with a 4 hour work week?

Natalie Weishuhn says:

thank you so much 

Thor isme says:

YES! I would love to hear more about this. I am ordering the book now.

Bananadrummin says:

Yes more info on passive income would be awesome!

michaela says:

Yes please talk more about this thanks :)

Michael Cinquegrani says:

Do you do internet marketing? Tell more!

Bananadrummin says:

No haven’t read four hour work week but its on my list to get. I’m self
employed but very physical tiring days don’t seem to have much left over
for other life at the end of work day. So this is an idea that really
appeals to me

Mel Mahalo says:

I haven’t started the 4 hour work week yet but it is literally on my
nightstand. Just got to get trough the third Harry Potter book on top of
the pile first as I do not want to end up in the vicious circle of a dozen
unfinished books yet again

EatRawGreens says:

Sounds great! would love to hear more. . I was looking into doing online
marketing but haven’t jumped in yet. :)

Ana Maria Jimenez says:

how did you find your passion?

Toni VD says:

Hi Sean what do you do when you aren’t an internet wizard or that good at

Michelle Carb says:

What you gonna do when you are older and cant do this anymore ? Can you
still get enought money to live ?

dion adallena says:

hi sean, can u talk about being vegan? are you vegan? who influenced you?
thnx sean.. see u in TFF

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