How Much Does It Cost To Travel The World?

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In this video I combine the expertise of the inspirational bloggers Chris Guillebeau and Alex Maccaw along with my own experiences to explain how much it costs to travel around various continents. More details and comments at:

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eagleeye929 says:

I’m currently on my year long travel adventure and I’m averaging $800 a
month in Thailand right now. I get what I need, so on a budget like that in
South East Asia you can live like a king! Even for a novice traveler.

Michael Armstrong says:

Latin America is the way to go. The most expensive thing, if you’re flying
out of the USA, is the flight (which is super cheap compared to Europe,
Asia, Africa, Australia), and especially if you can get a budget airline
like Spirit. Latin America has great culture, plenty of nature to
experience, very developed cities, ruins, exotic locations, beautiful
beaches, awesome food, and you meet travelers from all over the world. My
average daily budget is $50-$60. That covers hostels, food, site seeing,
and whatever else. Some days I may only spend $20 some days $80. The thing
to keep in mind is that you don’t have to have a mind blowing adventure
every single day. Sometimes simply walking around a city or town while
eating from local grocery stores can be great way to spend your time. Make
a list of a handful of really cool things you want to do and the rest of
the time make it up as you go. This keeps from being trapped by a rigid
schedule, saves money, and lets you discover things you might otherwise not
have. Happy travels


man this aint living on a budget you must party like a rockstar

Imhim247 says:

I’m going to Philippines and give some advice plz?!!!

TheSwedishTraveler says:

Spend just about 2000 USD for 9 days in South Africa, which included some
of my bucket list items like Skydiving and a 3-day Safari!

Rishav Singh says:

Check this out guys…..two Indians breaking all the barriers for
travellers (money,people)

kyle davison says:

Planing a South America trip want to back pack around, any advice for me?
What should I bring? What to expect that kind of thing 

ulysse75 says:

where do you get all this money from if I may ask ?

waterbloodorchid says:

in my country, 1USD = Rs 100, so to travel 100 countries it would take me
(1 country = $300) Rs 2,000,000..That is what people in my country earn in
their entire lives. What should I do? I’m not trying to be pessimistic…
Just looking for a way out.

Rishav Singh says:

Two Indian guys #tushar aggarwal & #sanjay madan travelled around the globe
(50 countries)(6 continent’s) by driving a mind boggling 90000km by own
their own ….. The sum of money to do this is ->Rs.10000000

U can find them on Google very easily ……

Typhoon Steam Cleaning says:

I’ll be there in January 22nd! @Mac Verano

Jo Marvik says:

what the hell this is crazy lots of money. Through wwoofing, couchsurfing
and such budget can be decreased to a fraction

Leonardo Domingos says:

im from Portugal and i was in Lisbon for a week, after some drinks i spent
around 150 euros with transportation included , the price certainly goes up
if you pay for a hostel we may say, that goes around 15-18 euros per night.
You can camp in some random rooftop or hide in some park near the city, be
carefull with the bars and restaurante you go to! prices go up and up, from
maybe an 1euro for a beer until 4 or 5. and try to avoid restaurants like i
did, supermarket food in Portugal is actually good

Aufa Diyanah says:

I live in Singapore & its so expensive. ;(

Rebecca Smith says:

I just work and save for one or two trips per year. I try to spend about
$40 per day for everything. I do donate to the locals also.
I do not include transportation, and it can be $300-$3000, depending on
destination. Travel is wonderful, but better, if you save first, and stay
from one week to six months.

lovelyxskinny says:

I agree with some of what you’re saying but $4,500 a month seems
ridiculously high. Most hostels are only $20 a night if that and then food
is usually free for breakfast. All you need is food for dinner, lunch and
sight seeing so that’s probably 50 additional a day. So $70 a day for
food/room/some sightseeing x 30 days = $2100 and then you have train ticket
costs so that could be up to $2500 a month but that’s probably the max it
would be. My friend just traveled for three months and visited about 18
countries just in Europe for her budget of $6000. That means it’s only
$2000 a month. So you more than doubled it. I guess it would be $4,500 if
you want to spend hundreds on sight seeing/tours/random souvenirs and
expensive high-end restaurants each day but if you’re moderately frugal, it
shouldn’t be over $3000 a month.

Bwa Ha says:

Better to travel to different continents seperately, cos easier to work out
expenses. Multi continents vary from cheap to expensive, so calculate with
awareness. BTW, this vid’s prices are midrange, not budget. South America,
and South east asia are dirt cheap continents. Europe is most expensive, as
is Japan, and certain small tropical islands in pacific and carribean

mudgabe says:

I’ve got a cheaper continent for you: The U.S. Why not fully explore the
states and their neighbors (Canada and Mexico) before you travel abroad?
Might not be as exciting as Europe, but it’s cheaper and there are some
interesting sights. You should start with your own state first!

Mark Morse says:

There are plenty of ways to make money while you’re travelling, like
working online, as me if you’d like to learn more.

Rebecca Smith says:

I have visited all 50 states, Mexico, Bahamas, Puerto Rico,Singapore, and
Bali, and I did it all by saving my money, and living on a budget, and
helping people. God has been wonderful to
me. Korean Air was so racist, that that is my worst travel nightmare.

Every place was fantastic, and Singapore Air and Singapore was fantastic!
They did not play the monkey and banana game etc. , like Korean Air.

My air fare on a Korean air was close to 2k, including insurance, but never
again, will I use them. It was so bad, that Istarted to buy a one way
ticket back from Bali, but God told me to get on, and he will send bad
Karma to them God was right.

Michael Danger says:

$4500 USD a month for travelling in Europe is Huge! You must stay in 4 star

reid frasca says:


Leo Enlightened says:

mate. you don’t need this much money, before i came here i was watching
videos on people who blog there travels and they used visa debit for money
safety, they take maybe $100, and work as they go to earn money or get a
place to sleep. I guess if you want to do it your way you will have money
to spare and that’s just your way of travelling.. but it really isn’t
travelling like a boss is it.. more like a holiday lol

Sergey Adyasov says:

What camera are you using on your travels?

Danny Dover says:

That sounds amazing! Turkey sounds like a bit of a rough place at the
moment but once the dust settles I bet it will a hot destination spot
again. I didn’t know that about the retired Military ex-pats. That says
good things.

Zhu Bajie says:

The two weeks I spent in Ticuman, Argentina I enjoyed especially. Of course
a lot cheaper than BA but the food is so goood and cheap. I also enjoy
getting lost from anyone who knows English so I can muddle through a
language and meet amazing people, especially in China where the further you
get from large expat cities like Shanghai the more you get to find real
people, places and food not just sellers to the Meiguo ren.

The Lawn Care Nut says:

I don’t have any recent experience living in other countries, but when I
was younger I lived in Turkey for 4 month. I was military so my expenses
were very low. however, there were, surprisingly, a lot of retired military
ex-pats there. The Med coast of Turkey is beautiful. the things that stood
out to me were how cheap things were overall. Haircuts, $2USD, hand made
suits $60USD, awesome chicken tava too $3USD. You could get a house keeper
for $10USD per week. Really friendly people there too

The Lawn Care Nut says:

yeah, Turkey is the most “Americanized” of all the Muslim countries.
Beautiful women to be sure!

ShareMyFare says:

You can bring your cost even further down by sharing your rides with fellow

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