How I make money while traveling the world (and eating)

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Are you wondering how to make money while traveling (and eating) and blogging? Here are the ways I make money (while traveling full time):

The number one question I get asked is how I can afford to travel, while making money, and blogging. I’m going to answer how I make money, and also how I can afford to travel and eat in this video. Also, I’ll share how I think you can do it too!

There are many many ways to make money while traveling, and I have friends that are working on cruise ships, blogging, affiliate marketing, freelance writing, and even skydiving, while earning money to be able to maintain a lifestyle traveling. But instead of sharing all the ways on how to make money traveling, I’ll first share the ways I make money.

First I want to say that all of these ways that I make money while traveling are all the result of initially starting a blog back in 2009 and committing to writing quality and useful information on it on a regular basis.

If you want to make money while traveling, I’d highly recommend you start a blog on whatever you’re passionate about and begin blogging high quality useful information to show your expertise, and also connecting with others. (If you’re just starting a travel blog, Travel Blog Success is an excellent course that I recommend: [affiliate])

1. Affiliate recommendations – This basically means earning a small commission as a referral. There are many companies (places like Amazon and for hotels) that offer a commission if you refer someone to a purchase. As an example, on my website I give away a lot of free useful tips about visiting Bangkok ( And I also recommend a few hotels which, some of which I’ve previously stayed at, and others which I’ve just visit and highly recommend. So if you were to click one of the links and book that hotel, I would get a small commission as a referral. I only recommend things that I use myself or trust.
2. My premium travel and food guides – The biggest way I make money while traveling is by selling my premium travel and food guides ( Right now I have the Bangkok 101 things to do guide, Eating Thai Food Guide, Vegetarian Thai Food Guide, and the Delhi travel guide, and I’m working on more. I prefer to sell my own guides than doing advertising on my website, because I can trust in the quality of my own guides.
3. Freelance writing – As a result of first starting my travel blog back in 2009, I’ve had the opportunity to do numerous freelance writing projects, some big and some small. I’ve written for a few inflight magazines, as well as CNN Travel, and various other newspapers, magazines, and websites. I used to dislike writing, but the more I started blogging about thing I really enjoyed (like food) the more I enjoyed it. And after committing to it and blogging, I’ve been able to connect with so many others and had chances to write for many places. A blog is a great way for you to have a public profile of your expertise.
4. Video, YouTube – Finally, the fourth way of how I make money while traveling and blogging is through videos. I made the decision to start making videos and I have committed to it. Ads on some of my videos is another chunk of my monthly income.

Along with how to make money while traveling and blogging, it’s also important to say how I can afford to travel? Most of the money my wife and I make now goes back into our traveling and eating. However, it’s all about your priorities. We don’t own a car and pay for gas, and instead we choose to buy plane tickets and eat street food. You have to set your own goals and priorities and live intentionally to pursue them.

Mentioned in the video:

My travel guides:
My travel resources:
Learn to make a succesful travel blog (especially recommended if you’re starting out): [affiliate]
Getting a job on a cruise ship: [affiliate]
(Some things listed here, if you invest in it, I will get a commission, but these are all things I personally stand behind and recommend)

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Mark Wiens says:

Here’s the answer of how I make #money while traveling (and eating). Watch
the video now…

#travel #blogging 

Tưởng Phi Thắng says:

– Do you use facebook?. ^^ I just want to talk with you of Japanese people,
food,… so i’m a freshman in Hanoi tourism college in VietNam, i’m
learning Japan like a third language and i have to find people to help me
of experience :). Thanks for your busy and answer me :).

Danny Herron says:

Like you, I have traveled the world and seen the world, but as a soldier.
I unfortunately, wasn’t able to take the opportunity in the life
style life as you have; but I have no regrets. I remember having all
the love and passion in my life as you do now, but it seems those far away
places are but wonderful memories. It’s so very nice to know a young couple
such as yourselves, and seeing and hearing what you have done. To remember
the sights through your eyes and videos is a real and distinct pleasure. I
share your passion and I hope you are able to look in your mirror and say
you are completely happy with yourselves. I applaud your efforts and it
truly makes me smile as I watched your videos and the memories return.
This evening was my first time watching, now have now subscribed and will
be looking forward to seeing and hearing from you about your adventures in
the future.
To you and yours I send my prayers and very best wishes.

Rody In JapanTv says:

i was going to LIKE this video than suddenly i saw LIKE PLEASE pop up on
the screen,SO i dosliked >.< HAHA

Dean Read says:

Great advice Mark, I’ve been subscribed for a long while now and love your
content. Keep doing what you’re doing as it’s inspiring 

Garuda Boy says:

Like if you think he needs more subscribers

Wintomo Tjandra says:

Mark thank you for sharing your experience. Globetrotting is always be my
passion since it enables me to see many places in the world, moreover I
like making friends too with people from all walks of life which gives me
the opportunity to broaden my horizons. I chanced on your YouTube channel
when I searched about travelling in Tokyo. Best of luck with your
travelling blog and YouTube channel.
Winto, Jakarta

Rohit Monserrate says:

Hey how do you decide which country to visit? does it depend on your budget
or do you have a list of favorite places that you want to visit? and also
if you really want to visit a particular country do you hold off visiting
other places so you have enough money saved up?

Eulalie says:

Hi Mark, great video, I didn’t know you had a vegetarian guide, I am going
this way to get it 🙂 … I stopped watching as I do not eat meat
anymore… would be nice to include some vegetarians dishes too… maybe
you already do… will go browse your videos now… All the best.


people who love what that they do for a living are blessed and lucky some
people are up in age when they discover what they really want to do if ur
young and you commit to it and dont give up when you fail then you will se
the world and be very successfull whether ur mission is to be filthy rich
or just change the world YOU CAN DO IT

The-traveler Lee says:

How do you stay in shape after all those good foods?

Winter Haven says:

I don’t know if you’ve seen Samuel and Audrey’s videos on here, but they
are funny and full of information. I actually tripped on your videos while
watching theirs! I just thought I’d share that because you might find them
enjoyable as well. Keep up the great work, Mark!

Bill More says:

Well said Mark > I’ve seen other videos and have enjoyed your presentation!
BRAVO to you and your wife! 

Charles Williams says:

Mark, this info is pure gold;) Thanks for posting. Now, I must plan a trip
around good eats!! 

Peer Vacations says:

Mark this is excellent advice and the key point here is consistency, you
mentioned that you started in 09′ and I’m guessing probably didn’t make any
money with your blog at first but you kept at it and it paid off. You my
friend are living the dream!

Jeevan Sasankan says:

you are awesome wiens, l really likes your expressions, that I could feel
the food is tasty or not. 

Blonde Heart says:

Scuba diving… I misheard what he said… I was shocked at first when I
heard he said stupid diving… silly me…

Bhushan Kadam says:

हाय मार्क , मला तुझे विडीओ बघायला खूप आवडतात , मस्त लाइफ आहे रे तुझी …एकदम
सोलिड … तू जेव्हा एखादी डिश खाउन expressions देतोस न ते मस्त असतात , ते
expressions पाहूनच तोंडाला पाणी येते …. बरे तू नक्की कुठे राहतोस ? …. आणि
सध्या कुठे आहेस ?
लवकरच तुझा झकास विडीओ पाहायला मिळेल अशी अपेक्षा करतो …. चल ।खुप खूप
शुभेच्छा तुला तुझ्या पुढच्या आयुष्यासाठी आणि प्रवासा साठी . 

Geoffrey Hiah says:

Like all your videos,could watch them all day ..they are so interesting,
thankyou for sharing

BLamorous says:

i love watching your show .makes me question why you’re not on food &
lifestyle channel .because if it did i wouldn’t miss an episode

Marie-Antoinette Manzan says:

I would SO watch you on travel channel! I hope you become more successful
from here on out! I really enjoy your videos!

Lemons says:

Mark, you’re an inspiration. Just recently found your videos and fell in

Aman Das says:

Mark Weins makes the best food videos.Really good camera.;-)

Jake Nguyen says:

I’ve watch Mark Wiens and his channel for awhile now, seeing how his
channel is growing and how the video quality is improving over the years,
have to say I’m super impressed. Good job Mark !

Candielette says:

I find people who stick with something (no matter how small it seems at
first) ends up working out. So its cool to see people stick with things.

Daytrading Zoo says:

Maybe not for everybody, but as my name suggests: daytrading capital
markets. Plug in your laptop and make (or lose) a few bucks.

Hoa Luu says:

This was inspiring for life really.

Naomi Barnes says:

What’s a good blogging site to use use in the UK? 

Fate Audax says:

+Mark Wiens you should write a Japan Travel/Food Guide. I will definitely
buy a few copies for my friends and myself. I think it would be a great
idea as it is a land of really fresh and good food.

fempoful says:

Talk about inspirational. I’ve been putting off starting my blog. Now I
feel pumped to start working on it.

Borneo Guide staff says:

Thanks Mark, I like your video, excellent info. Leslie

therealYUNGKLYCE says:

sorry mark but there’s just something about your soulless eyes that just
scares the shit out of me

Dev Aryan says:

Hey Bro, just subscribed you immediately after this video; not just because
i want to follow your foot steps to earn money, but I loved the integrity,
the honesty in things you have dedicated yourself. Another major reason is
that your passion.. you are doing exactly what i like to do non-stop, i
dreamed about; if i have ever been allowed to do so… that is traveling
and eating 🙂 🙂 🙂
will keep you busy asking many questions here n there. 

firedragon3845 says:

All these time, my family and I thought you just had rich parents and
didn’t have to work at all haha

Vishnu Rajendran Amboo says:

Great stuff Mark, like your direct approach to things.. thanks for sharing
out. M heading to Nepal, thanks to your Poon Hill video i have clearer
picture now :)

OneGirlOneSuitcase says:

Thank you so much for sharing your story Mark, this video was so

SyhaDan says:

Would be nice to see your wife’s reaction towards food…Don’t take this
the wrong way
I love watching your videos 😀 but it would be nice to see the both of you
once in a while 🙂
A couple,making money while travelling,enjoying all different varieties of
foods…Sorta like an inspiration to us all :-)

Robert Ward says:

Mark are you still tight, like you was at school

Youn Cho says:

I really envy you that you can travel the world and make money. All day I
do is walk into the fukn office and staring at LCD monitor all day long.
I hope I can establish the money making systems like you but my lack of

Jonathan Doberenz says:

Wowww that so nice thank you so much for that I love so much thank you

Naomi Barnes says:

What’s a good blogging site to use use in the UK? 

Andrew Chan says:

hi Mark,
thx so much for all your awesome videos. Love them very much.
will be heading to Bangkok for Chinese New Year ( 4 D/3N ) this coming Feb
’15 . wonder if u and ur wife can take us around to savour the delicious
Thai street food as recommended by u personally.

rgds, Mr Andrew Chan, Msia.

Cyrill Weisbecker says:

I just happened across you video and wanted to thank you it was very
informative I am looking for a transition in my life and your video will

tung truong says:

Hey Mark, I love the face you make after u sample a delicious food. You are
a great guy, and I really enjoy watching your videos. Keep up the good

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