Hawaii Budget Travel: Tour from my hostel to Waikiki Beach, Honolulu

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A walking tour from my cheap hostel in Honolulu, Hawaii to spectacular Waikiki Beach.
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Video created by Gabriel Morris, who is the owner of all video or photo content. See more below.

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Hawaii Budget Travel: Tour from my hostel to Waikiki Beach, Honolulu


watvid1 says:

I don’t think I trust people enough to live in a hostel haha. Gabrielle,
where do you store all your videos etc? When I went Paris I had about 20gb
of data which are still in my phone and will go London for new years so
need to think about storage options. Sd cards are good but if they get
ruined, memories deleted. 

larz hillbot says:

Hay Gabriel, you are walking around my old stomping grounds, i lived there
for three years ( pearl city ). Make sure to see the kids free hula show
at the Kuhio plaza in the Pm there at waikiki, Also free hula show on
weekends at the Ala Moana Mall, hike the trails at diamond head., and for
sure go take a bus to Hunauma Bay. Have loads of fun

The Real J. Dougie says:

What is the hotel called?

misterEddie129 says:

Hey Gabe its Eddie! Sorry I haven’t responded to your messages. Computer
broke a couple of months back and I finally got a new one. Im starting my
trip in May. So if youre back in the main land by then we should definitely
meet up. Email me at my gmail! kraftions@gmail.com

chad362wiley says:

Nice! Any surf? Rain?

Melanie K says:

whoa spooky – my sister and I are travelling to Hawaii in early January for
3 months and literally just yesterday booked to stay in this hostel for our
first 2 nights! What’s the hostel like?

Dan Schlinz says:

How did you find the cheap flight over? What is your strategy?

chad362wiley says:

Awesome, have fun and keep us posted

Gurung Oracle says:

my bad $23

CyndyNeg says:

that water felt good! thanks!

Hakan Calis says:

Enjoy! :)

Gurung Oracle says:

how much are you paying for your hostel a night?

baddogonline says:

Do the other travelers at the hostel do things together, or do they stick
to themselves?

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