Gear Up! Part 2 of the Motorcycle Adventure Travel Guide series

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Although virtually any bike can travel around the world, ‘which bike’ is always a lively topic for discussion among motorcycle travellers.

In this 2-DVD set, we interview knowledgeable owners about their bike, and why they chose it. Interviews with experts cover how to prepare the bike for overland travel, what spares to take and choosing tires.

You’ll also learn: what to take (and what not to take!), including riding gear, clothing, camping kit, first aid kit, maps and GPS; and how to pack it all in!

This DVD features legendary travellers like Ted Simon (author Jupiter’s Travels), Gregory Frazier (5 x RTW), Sam Manicom (author Into Africa) Lois Pryce (author Ladies on the Loose and Red Tape and White Knuckles), Austin Vince (director of Discovery TV’s Mondo Enduro), Peter and Kay Forwood (190+ countries on a Harley), Chris and Erin Ratay (Guinness record holders for RTW travel).

Also, we have interviewed over 100 other inspiring travellers at our live events in the UK, USA, Canada, Germany and Spain to get their stories, tips and hard-earned knowledge on trips to nearly every country on earth.

Hundreds of photos, video clips, and presentations by experts are also included.

Be warned, viewing this DVD may be a life-changing experience!


Horizons Unlimited says:

SquirrelFromGradLife, when she asked for a push she had an excuse – she was
6 months pregnant!

Daniel Latham says:

2:21 picture of NEW ZEALAND in the back, I live there

Sinnawai says:

Roadtrip adventures are awesome and yes what you pack and more importantly
how much you pack is key to a successful trip. I used my dual sport 630;
reasonably light, agile, reliable for a roadtrip from NYC to NC , trying to
avoid as many interstates as possible. While it wasnt an amazing off-road
adventure and I took a Kreiga 30 liter tail bag with clothes and the
additional 10 liter bag mounted on top for my tools/repair kit. On my back
I had a 20 liter kriega rucksack with all my important stuff like maps,
rain gear, small snacks, water bladder and other small items. It was great
because in total everything weighed about 40 lbs.

MUSTANG115hp says:

Stay away from the hard case aluminium panniers. They are an excellent way
to snap a leg during a minor spill, plus they look really dorky. Ordinary
saddle bags you see in a farm supply store or horse tack distributer are
actually better.

There is nothing more hilarious than helping some clown trying to pick up a
500 pound bike with 150 pounds of useless gear strapped on and afterwards
he condescendingly tells you that you need a bigger $$$$ bike than what you
are driving.

SquirrelFromGradLife says:

Can’t believe she actually asked for a push from a lady carrying her own
weight in bananas… #firstworldproblems!

Motojournalism says:

Great! I’ll bet this one will be the most popular of the series 🙂 Can’t
wait to see it!

girl in a gale says:

Feel good, dream far, solid advice video, thank you!

wimdh73 says:

0:41 ha! Sjaak R1 😉

Vale Viva says:

I’ve just ordered. Thanks for posting its trailer here. Looking forward to
seeing it.

gronno says:

As usual Austin is bang on with his advice 8-))

Horizons Unlimited says:

Yes – that’s Sjaak Lucassen, RTW on an R1, check his page by searching his
name – awesome stuff!

DouglasR8 says:

0:41…. love that comment !!! and why not I say!!! (I think this guy did
it on a R1…. )

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