Flying and Motorcycle Adventure Travel Around the World

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This is a music compilation of my aviation and motorcycle adventures around the world. It includes skydive footage from a Cessna Caravan, clips from my time with Beijing PanAm Academy in inner China where I worked as an airline cadet flight instructor, Sumatra and West Papua in Indonesia for Susi Air where the operations included charter, VIP, cargo and medevac in some of the most challenging flying environments in the world. Finally motorcycle pictures from across Europe and Asia. The adventures continue. More at


skater3260 says:

Love the video! What is the first song??

Bevon19 says:

I feel like i miss the fun times in China. I like the flying you did in
Papua New Guinea

Bevon19 says:

Ian, this is by far the best video that I have watched with the fellas. I
love it, I love it, I love it………thanks. I admire your hardwork, keep
it up, this video is awesome and the music is good too

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