Fireworks around the world welcome 2014

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Celebrations to mark the beginning of 2014 have taken place around the world.

Among one of the first countries was New Zealand.

While in Neighbouring Australia thousands of people came to see spectacular fireworks at Sydney’s iconic Harbour Bridge.

Asian cities also rang in the new year, even the reclusive state of North Korea joined in the festivities.

There were similar scenes in Europe, here thousands of revellers came to celebrate in Paris against the backdrop of the Eiffel Tower.

Brazil put on a huge firework display in Rio de Janeiro.

In Russia, there were dazzling fireworks over the Kremlin but security was tightened in Red Square after a spate of suicide bombins in south Russia.

Dubai, trying for a world record, held a pyrotechnics display that stretched for 50 km,

And as midnight struck in the U.S., New York marked 2014 with it’s traditonal ball drop over Times Square.


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