Exercising Around the World

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Inspired by “Where the Hell is Matt,” I decided to self-fund a 120,000+ mile, 16-country, 18-month adventure around the world. You can read the whole story here: http://nerdfitness.com/blog/2012/04/16/exercising-around-the-world/.

Here’s how I paid for most of my flights: http://nerdfitness.com/blog/2010/12/09/how-to-fly-35000-miles-visit-4-continents-9-countries-and-15-cities-for-418/

Here’s how I completed the James Bond portion of my adventure: http://nerdfitness.com/blog/2011/09/12/live-like-james-bond/


Elizabeth Murphy says:

Come back to Bryant-Denny! We miss you. ^_^

Christapher Spyres says:

You are my hero man. What you did was amazing

Pierre Whittlesey says:

Step 1: be rich

Mary McCullough says:

Great video. What a trip!

John Senff says:

Awesome, man. Love it.

oleester says:


Staragate says:

What an inspiration. This song is guaranteed to get my feet moving. Still
a beginner runner, when this song comes on, I get a second wind.
This is my current challenge:

IB47 says:

Really cool video! Good job!

Tahere Kalantary says:

This was epic :D

Mateusz Babiak says:

Keep it simple ! :D

ohheydarciemae1121 says:

This has to be the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! You’ve been to so many
places! I’m so happy for you!

Tanmay Tikekar says:


Tanmay Tikekar says:


danolapin says:

keep living the dream son , you sir have a great life

Paweł Blakiewicz says:

Great Job! Try to be awesome all the time bro!

tututyrururtu ututrurtu says:

Mate I like the cut of your gib.

Desiree Elliott says:

Exercising Around the World

18 months in the making: “Exercising Around the World”


Suzuki Kuniaki says:

[ Exercising Around the World ]
●○ 『 世界中でエクササイズすること 』
* 「 NerdFitness : ほか126 本の動画 」
【参考:※ Workout for chest, shoulders, glutes, legs: around the world with an
exercise ball 】
【資料:※ SUP Fitness: Core Workout – Part 1 】
〔YouTube〕、- 「世界中がマットである場合」、励起されて、私は自己資金に120,000+マイル、世界中の16か国で18か月の冒険を決定しました。
Exercising Around the World

Will Humphry says:

Nerd Fitness… in action. Inspirational. 

Irina Kononova says:


Ruth Lachaert says:

Exercising Around the World

18 months in the making: “Exercising Around the World”


Ian Dawson Mackay says:
Stiffmeister Charlie says:
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