Evacuated Tube Transport could take you around the world in just 6 hours

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Evacuated Tube Transport is an airless, frictionless, maglev-like form of transportation which is safer, cheaper and quieter than trains or airplanes. Six-person capsules travel in the tubes and can reach a maximum speed of 6,500 km/h, and provide 50 times more transportation per kwh. A tube can travel from New York to Beijing in two hours, and make a round-the-world trip in just six hours.

Sources: ET3.com, Discovery News


Razgrits says:

What if you got stuck inside and you were in the middle of the Atlantic?
Fun times for all six of you.

The Daily Dose Of Randomness Crew says:


Rob Fraser says:

“After 75 years and more than two hundred, thousand trillion dollars
evacuated tubes now stretch across every continent, connecting all major
cities. In other news Oxford scientist successfully teleports entire

Joreus says:

Build an evacuated tube transport to guide dildo’s into my gaping butthole.

Unchainedboar says:

sadly stuff like this which would be progress are always hindered by the
corporations, think about it, you think these things would just be allowed
to get built when they would pretty much put the airlines out of business,
or at least close to it.

Shoal Nervo says:

Could this really work?… Suppose there was a minor earth quake at a
section of the tube? Or a severe storm or flash flood at another location
of the tube, and dont even get me started about the dangers of underwater &
underground travel. With that kinda speed any weak spot or misalignment
could kill everyone on board.. im not saying its impossible, i would just
hope germany or japan lead the effort, NOT china.. or africa lol… im sure
it can be done though, not in our life time..

racergsxr1 says:

What scares me most about this is the fact that the tubes have to be
perfectly vacuumed. The capsules aren’t meant to go through air, so just
imagine what would happen if there was an air leak somewhere along the line
and your capsule smacks into that air. Not to mention the fucking ocean.
Air is bad enough but imagine hitting WATER at 4000mph. You wouldn’t even
feel it.

Kaithlin Pascual says:

What about from California to the Philippines????

Rithvik S. Ghankot says:

ET3 Evacuated Tube Transport

megunded says:

bullshit ……part of costs …..hahaha

imagine the sealing , the stability needed for such a big tube and the pump
stations needed to evacuate it properly ….
i am working with vacuum machines …its sometimes disgusting how difficult
it is to get a good vacuum , needs a lot of expensive parts and sealings.

John Brazil says:

will the management of this transportation lso operate in a vacuum, like
most managers do anyway?

Jose Guzman says:

HyperLoop Introduction — 42 seconds — Animation
This animation is clear, except Elon Musk does not proposed and evacuated

goose brain says:

You know how costly it would be to maintain these? The entire tube
circumference would have to be constantly perfectly straight and round. Any
bending due to nature, or slight deviation in the tube circumference and
your capsule gets ripped apart as it passes over that deviation. A disaster
at even 50 mph, let alone 500 mph!

Fennec Fox! says:

So cool

anonymous6366 says:

lol 1g at top speed. tops speed means there is no lateral acceleration so
only acceleration due to gravity would matter which is 1g.. oh marketing

leon vdd says:

Oh well 

pforce9 says:

The only problem is convincing someone to get into one of these things and
letting someone seal them up in it.

T1ger8oi says:

cmonnnnnn finish this faster…. 

Russell Blade says:

At would be nice for transportation so you won’t have to waste gas or take
long walks but I think that’ll be a very long time before a structure like
that gets indented I’m not sure I’m just assuming.

Rithvik S. Ghankot says:

ET3 Evacuated Tube Transport

Brett Domenick says:

The downside to these is safety concerns because of their speed and the
fact that only six people can fit in one while you can fit hundreds in a
train. It would be a lot more expensive to ride because of this reason

Jackeline Zelaya says:

That could be the future
And we could have flying cars

BadMouseProductions says:

Well the problem is when is it safe to send a new pod down? If you do it at
the wrong time it’ll crash into another and BOOM!

sophareth camsonne says:

Breakthrough for terrestrial transport 

Hillarys Nature* says:

Governor Jerry Brown is forcing California voters to accept risking
$68 billion on his legacy High~Speed Rail,when Tube Travel is right around
the corner !

summer Todd says:

are those real

Saif Hasan says:

yeah keep dreaming. 

Jackeline Zelaya says:

That could be the future
And we could have flying cars

Malvian says:

So it’s so cheap to cost, and it’s clearly better than any transportation
we have…Why aren’t we producing thousands of lines?

Pigui lp says:


I. Sickles says:

Had a 5 hour per day train commute back in the 80’s when maglevs were
first being discussed. Sitting on the train, I came up with the exact same
idea back then – only mine had solar panels on the top of the tubes for
lights and such – not for the maglev systems. The tubes ran down
interstate medians to long distance hubs. I could live 100 miles from
Manhattan and still have an easy commute. Damn. I think I called it the

London best says:

that stupid idea no wonder anyone going be anxious that tube.

LeeAnn VanTiflin says:

Futurama anyone?
I think it’s a nice concept but there will probably be major injury. 

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