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STA Travel Australia sent 3 of our mates, Rick Mereki, Andrew Lees and Tim White on an amazing trip around the world. A 6 week journey of a lifetime crammed into one epic minute.

Original music by Kelsey James.


Bea Ramirez-Olivera says:

premature champagnulation

Owner Direct Vacation Rentals says:

This will make you want to get up and go!
#foodie #traveltheworld #travelvideo #austrailia
#vacationdestinations #ownerdirectvacationrentals 

Милана Котова says:

Who’s this man? What’s his name?



Synch1 France - Votre Visa pour l'austtralie says:

From the #australian cuisine! What would you like to try?

Reserva Restó says:

Increíble video que muestra la amalgama de culturas servidas en una enorme
variedad de platos!

11 países, 18 vuelos y 44 días…

¿Te animás a descubrir qué especialidades argentinas aparecen en el video?

Pecora Verde says:

*E’ quasi ora di pranzo, dove vorreste mangiare oggi?*

Guardate questo video, le vere #pecoreverdi assaggiano di tutto!

[Fonte video: via +STA Travel Australia] says:

Fusão surpreendente de culturas numa variedade de #ementas

Pavithra R says:

Wow…This is super cool!

Native Speakers says:

Kali orexi ) Приятного аппетита ))

Hotel Ley Betim says:

Qual a sua comida de viagem favorita? Nesse vídeo da STA Travel Australia
assistimos a alimentação diversificada de alguns turistas ao longo de suas
viagens. A culinária mineira é bastante criativa e possui pratos regionais
deliciosos. Já pensou o que comer enquanto estiver em Betim? 

Roberto Giustozzi says:

La cucina del MONDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Danka K says:

It looks delicious :P

jocelyn much says:

I just got fatter by watching this. Yum, food

Cristina Olivares says:


JenJourneys says:

you mean a 6-week journey of lifetime’s worth of calories! Looks fun
though, thanks

Ny Ny Nguyễn Phạm says:

Love this guy

Dan Scott says:

What camera did you use?

Angel Castro says:
Lenangreal says:

Not for vegans

잠깐휴식 says:

내가 생각하고 있던 아이디어가 이미 실행되고 있는 중이 였군..

SoMiah Al-Hussan says:
Amy Sakya says:

Does anyone know the name of the background music?

Came-3 (Baños y Cocinas SCP) says:

Ya casi hemos superado el jueves ¡Ánimo! Yara hacerlo más ameno os dejamos
un video muy entretenido ¿No os encantaría hacer un viaje como este? EAT –
STA Travel Australia

Journeys in a bag says:

Viaggia e mangia…….travel & eat
Le mie due più grandi passioni: VIAGGI e CIBO.

Quali sono le vostre?

Viaggia e prova tutto, il cibo è lo specchio della cultura

My two greatest passions: TRAVEL AND FOOD.

What are yours?

Travel and test everything, food is a reflection of culture

FrancisR says:


classified01 says:


Rob Lilley says:

@MrKayceeproductions my suggestion would be buy a bike, pannier bags, and
go Bike Packing…

ifntyrj says:

this is the best

caspie doodles says:

you are going to get so many people going to your travel agency because of
these three videos!!!

SupernaturalSomaya says:

he is soooooooo gorgeous!!! *________* <3

Megan Voo says:


Upekkha4 says:

I’ve been to Italy, Germany, Spain and the US, where I am currently living
in New Jersey. I’ve always had hopes of traveling around the world, saving
up money every day for a new country to go to and enjoy. These guys have
truly opened my eyes to what potential the world has with each of the 3
videos, and I do hope that one day I will have the money to do as they did
and make videos of my own…but a 15 year old can still dream, eh?

Panda CC says:

That made me hungry!

Renato M.Dominé says:

Comer 3 amigos, 44 dias, 18 voos, 30 mil quilómetros, um vulcão em erupção,
2 câmaras… uma jornada pela gastronomia de 11 países, num minuto épico!
Produção da STA Travel / Australia, com Rick Mereki, Andrew Lees e Tim

lou ise says:

Oh my god the flan at 00:50… :-p i almost bite in my screen!

Rogue849 says:

@STATravelAU Come to Venezuela! Matt did, you can come too! Please?

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