Earth’s motion around the Sun, not as simple as I thought

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ElDesmadreGriego says:

Take that Flat Earth Society!

xxSvenxx1 says:

I dont know about you guys, but I look at my calendar, it’s pretty

Serhan Ogan says:

Does this mean that our orbit is not stable?
Because the model shown in the video is similar to a planet with a
distorted orbit.
There are applications that let you play with the gravitational forces
around custom created solar systems. If you screw up and cannot maintain a
full circle orbit for your planet, it starts to wobble, just lite the one
on the video.
You survive a lot less than planets with circle orbits.
I mean every path is different than the one before, and you hold yur breath
everytime you get close to the sun.
How about other planets in the Solar System?_Are they wobbling like Earth

Tea Riddy says:

Why is it that when they teach distances. Like how far the earth is from
the sun..they do not give you ranges. Or note that it depends on the time
of year and which orbit the earth is in.

TheLeftLibertarianAtheist says:

Well, usually when we count “years” we are referring to the usage of the
Gregorian calendar. A calendar mean year is 365 + 97/400 days = 365.2425
days = 365 days, 5 hours, 49 minutes and 12 seconds.

TheFriendsofOllie says:

Am I the only one that felt sick at the start, when the earth gets close to
the sun? Like Oh shit don’t crash! I know it won’t and I understand why…
but something about that visual. 

Peter Gibson says:

Error spoken at 2.42. The crossover point in the figure 8 does NOT occur at
the equinoxes.The crossover point occurs when the “equation of time” is
zero.Not the same thing!
The equinoxes occur exactly half way from the top to the bottom of the
figure 8.

Jon Deveaugh says:

Displaying earths seasons like this neglects the fact that the axis must
remain pointed at Polaris and makes an inaccurate statement that during the
summer the sun in the Tropic of Capricorn travels in a northern arc. The
northern arc is not true .. The seasons diagram therefore is also not true.
The Earth can not remain pointed 23.5 degree axis and continue to point at
Polaris traveling approx 300 million km around the sun. 

Vishal Arora says:

Happy Winter Solstice !!!
And a very amazing video of Earth’s motion with great explanation and
awesome sound effects 🙂
+Love is Space +Kurdistan Planetarium 

Donny Serpico says:

watch an learn !!

Jeremy Smith says:

Sorry guys, but no civilizations knew about either elliptical orbits or
precession prior to the post-Renaissance scientists – Brahe because he made
the precise observations; Kepler because he did the math and showed
elliptical orbits. Newton and his contemporaries were the first to show
that this was due to an inverse-square force law. It would be impossible to
demonstrate precession or nutation without more accurate and precise
observations, which we didn’t have as a human race until a couple hundred
years ago. Sure, the heliocentric model was around 2000 years before
Copernicus, but it’s a big leap from heliocenric to ellipses and

Amoor Ab says:

The moon orbits around the earth.(it takes 27 days for the moon to make one
full orbit around the earth)
The earth orbits around the sun. (1 year for a complete orbit around the
The sun orbit around a supermassive black hole at the centre of the milky
way . ( 225-250 million years for a complete orbit around the centre of
the galaxy)
our milky way galaxy orbit around another wayyyyy bigger galaxy……etc to

its amazing how the everything is spinning and orbiting around bigger
things in this universe.

Thank you newton and thanks to the apple . 

Joseph Cek says:

Geocentricism makes far more sense …

HelloImATeapot says:

I think the Earth’s orbit is slightly more circular than that, it’s
eccentricity is 0.0167

Gabriel Hulo says:

man that was hard for me to understand.

John Pohl says:

Happy, healthy & prosperous new year, 2015… A video with concepts to

LoveisthaLaw says:

is there life during the periods discussed around 5:00?

Bener Reyes says:

Soooooo.. I noticed. Have you?

Kevin Olesik says:

so that’s what causes the Ice Ages we’ve had at 7:49 … lord have mercy –
i am amazed !! 

catsnake7 says:

wow, so in just like 9000 years we can expect another “ice age”!! oh,
that’s just great! way to ruin Easter :-(

Charles Uhli says:

Lets put it this way. Man made all this and man and women will argue as to
why? Well our the Adam and Eve BS, So no you know what is going on is that
our sun is growing in size mix that with man trying to play god and you get
this. Our sun is young growing into adulthood and in the next 500 years our
planet will be a heat box. It is the nature of space…. Mars will be the
next to support life if out sun gets that large to give it a chance. The
Stars you see in the sky are just what you think they are. This is a very
though provoking video though and should not be ignored even though I do
not agree. It makes some great points.

Shadow Of Earth says:

this is bullshit lol

Jordi Fontich says:

Earth’s motion around the Sun, not as simple as I thought:

Deldari Be Happy says:

muy buena fuente de información

Céline F.M. says:

Earth’s motion around the Sun, not as simple as I thought…

Jonchess says:

I think there is a logical error in that the precession of the equinoxes is
being used to explain changes in the seasons.
If the precession of equinoxes takes 26000 years why do we experience
seasonal changes every year? Or am I missing something-can anyone out there


What happens if another star enters our solar system? What would that do?

superman46n2 says:

how does this all factor in with our movement throught the galaxy and with
respect to Sirius?

Evandro Hatake says:

Earth’s motion around the Sun, not as simple as I…:

tinasachimas says:

wtf…I’ve been lied to for my whole childhood…

strikeout1991 says:

The earths orbit around the sun isn’t THAT damn eccentric.

James Durborow says:
Hadesdude says:

At 6:00 it seems like he took that sound from Minecraft!

Praveen Kashyap says:

me har planet dikhauga,,,,,, raat ko jab mosham saaf ho to tume dikhega

Euclydes Pretti Neto Pretti says:

damn son, this is so Deep i just found Osama Bin Laden’s body.

Tea Riddy says:

I need to understand this better.. 


source by you tube

jrlaudio says:

Wrong Wrong Wrong. Or deceptive at best. The orbit of the Earth is nearly
circular, being only slightly elliptical with an eccentricity of 0.0167.
What is shown in the diagrams is about 100 times exaggerated.

Gabriel Utube says:

AA again

Marimar Morales says:


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