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Destination Editor for Asia (North), and resident hop head, +Megan Eaves, will be chatting to Neil ‘Mr. World’ Taylor from independent beer brand, +BrewDog, who have bars from Sao Paulo to Stockholm. Neil oversees the brand’s international bars and is in charge of finding new sites and cities around the globe.

During the chat, we’ll be touching on the emergence of beer scenes in varying destinations around the world and how this contributes and helps to shape to the culture of a place.

Click ‘yes’ to pop this broadcast into your calendar and watch on at 3pm GMT Friday 10 October.

Post your questions to answer and topics to discuss, for Neil and Megan, to the hasthag  #lphangout  on Twitter, or just hear in the comments box to left!

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Event header image by: Yusuke Kawasaki via Flickr.


James Valentine Byrne says:

With the worldwide growth of brew dog would you consider more than one mash
tag year or regional ones as I’d like to see what the global beer family
wants to but into a craft, and mash tag is always delcious?

nighttime world says:

anyone on untapped?

Beer Disciples says:

Craft Beer Around the Globe #travel #TGIF” RT

Sarah Warman says:


What will happen once you succeeded in opening “bars across the planet”?
Will you try a different planet and if so, which one and why?

nighttime world says:

cool vid

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