Bizarre Foods – Philippines (Full Documentary)

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Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern is a travel and cuisine television show hosted by Andrew Zimmern on the Travel Channel. Bizarre Foods focuses on regional cuisine from around the world which is typically perceived by Americans as being disgusting, exotic, or bizarre. In each episode, Zimmern focuses on the cuisine of a particular country or region. He typically shows how the food is procured, where it is served, and, usually without hesitation, eats it.

Balut, Calamansi, Bamboo shoots, Coconut and rice paste wrapped on banana leaves and roasted, Okoy (shrimp pancake), Deep fried fertilized duck eggs, baby chickens marinated, steamed and fried, Tokneneng, Ube and cheese-flavor ice cream in a bun.
At Balaw Balaw in Angono, Rizal: Balaw-balaw sauce, with fermented shrimp paste, soup Number Five (bull’s rectum and testicles soup), uok in adobo, white worms from the larvae of crickets or beetles found in fallen coconut trees, crispy fried Alagaw leaves, ginatang bilo-bilo. At Everybody’s Café in San Fernando, Pampanga: Dinuguan, a blood stew, Crickets of rice fields cooked in adobo style, Betute Tugak (stuffed frog with pork).
Puerto Princesa: Banana Skewers, bananas rolled in brow sugar and deep-fried with caramelized sugar crust, fried chicken intestins on a stake. Kinabuchs: seaweeds, mussels on a half shell, grilled tuna belly, snails cooked with coconut, tuna collars grilled.
Puerto Princesa Subterranean River National Park, mangrove worms.


Renee Sanders says:

I would actually eat that shrimp pancake. That actually looked good. The
deep friend baby chicken sounds good too. I would love to travel to the
Philippines. Everyone seems so friendly, polite and fun there and I like
that they speak English too. 

f50koenigg says:

I am a filipino but I would never eat those creepy crawlers ugh

Leah Janulgue says:

Man : Everybody eats them

Correction I’m from Philippines and I don’t eat balut!!! I find it

beispielsweise weise says:

Filipinos uneducated or not can speak and understand English unlike other
nationalities lol

Lost Spirit ™ says:

at least they are not like chinese who eat everything that moves!

Krianne Reynoso says:

Balut is way much better than egg boiled in human urine in china…

Kawaii Neko Gurl says:

I’m seeing so many familiar foods that I eat that my mom cooks from the
Philippines. Both my parents were born in the Philippines and I don’t judge
them on what they eat. The food over there is quite delicious, besides that
I never tried balut (unborn duck/goose egg) before. But still there’s no
reason to judge us, Filipinos. We eat what we find to eat. I find it quite
offending on some of the comments below saying how uneducated they are. I
have cousins that live there and relatives.. even my grandparents! I’ve
always wanted to go and visit them there. I find the food that my mom makes
from the Philippines very good. My favorite dessert from the Philippines is
the halo halo or however you say it/spell it. I love how there’s coconut in
it or purple sweet yam. Yum!

Dana Lagunilla says:

“Filipinos” who are saying:
Umm… You aren’t a true Filipino if you haven’t tried balut soo…

bishonen addik says:

I believe the Philippines has the best tasting food in Southeast asia.
Unlike other neighboring countries who only know how to cook dishes in
curry, chillies and coconut milk. We have it all here! All the culinary
diversity one looks for. Also, we also produce the best tasting fruits in
world. Mangoes, pineapples, banana… The list just goes on.

Divinoamor . says:

Hello Philippines, you guys have an awesome culture and food and most
importantly a great respect for God.

We must all put our faith in Jesus Christ and trust him, treat Jesus not
like thin air, but love him more real than your family.

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richard hart says:

nobody eats most of this crap he is making a movie interesting
I have been there 2 times and the only thing that’s in this movie I have
is ice cream on a bun in Baguio city
ha ha ha
I love the philippines
Richard in the tropics

Bethany Francia says:

The ice cream is purple because of the yam they use. I think it’s called
ube. Also the best way to eat balut is to slurp it so that the embryo
slithers down your throat. I didn’t grow up eating this, so it’s difficult
for me to wrap my brain around the fact that I’ve just earn a baby duck. 

The Gaming Sphinx says:

My girlfriend lives in the Philippines and were talking about the food on
the show, and she said she likes balute but not the embryo part only the

Myron Buzzwannanots says:

Balut, is disgusting. The smell of the “liquid” is enough to make a grown
man sick. However, Chinese food there, Filipino style, is AWESOME. So are
the steak & chicken sticks from the stalls of street vendors. Angeles, in
Pampanga Province had the BEST FOOD in P.I. hands down!

TheREDHeadPower says:

I’m not sure how I would feel about this because i hate eggs so much
Would it have the flavoring eggs still? Or more like the Duck?

Litter says:

8:25 “Think hard-boiled eggs times seventeen” Sorry Andrew I cannot relate
as I can only imagine hard-boiled eggs times sixteen.

captain teemo says:

Balut is so disgusting 

King2Dope says:

Sisig and Jollibee is masarap 

whitepride1004 says:

God, Zimmern is such a homo — and I mean that literally. Somebody needs
to tell him to keep his mouth completely shut while he chews until he
swallows all of it, sorta the way he probably swallows a load of cum. He
probably nom noms on that too.

Edit: I wouldn’t eat most of that garbage. And he’s a liar if every
single fuckin thing all over the world is so delicious that he’s
simultaneously thinking about the taste of the food and his boyfriend’s
butthole at the same time. Half of the time it’s his boyfriends bare ass
when he tastes something nasty. 

Marie Yell says:

Your hosting is so much enjoyable to watch, Andrew! 🙂 I’m a Filipino, and
I haven’t tried some of the foods that you ventured to taste — but after
watching this, you make me wanna try them! :)

youBoob says:

The best FRUITS are in the philippines. Santol, lanzones, guyabano, mango
(better than Indian or Mexican mango), jackfruit, durian, …etc. When
delicious things grow naturally around you the cuisine had better be up to
par as well.

Here’s a list of food items around the world against comparable filipino
dishes which are BETTER tasting:

Steak > filipino beef steak
Bacon < lechon kawali Eggs < pula itlog or balut Haggis < kare kare Chicken soup < arroz caldo McDonalds Big Breakfast < tapsilog Paella > Bicol Express
French onion soup < sinigang As you can see from this scientific study only steak and paella managed to beat filipino dishes FROM THE ENTIRE WORLD !! Filipino food even managed to beat the former MVP of food , bacon. Filipinos have nothing to worry about in terms of world class cuisine. Ha ha!

N@dïñę mîx vįdēōś!!^^ says:

Unlike you people filipinos actually take time to learn english, and it’s
understandable that most filipinos doesn’t speak it fluently,just because
its not their first language. If you try to speak another language, will
you be good at it in 1 week,no? Ok.

southchum101 says:

He should eat the erect penis of a Filipino tranny placed in a toasted
sesame seed hotdog bun covered in grilled onions and Dijon mustard. And
yes, the penis will still be attached to the tranny, he will enjoy his
penis hotdog all while keeping eye contact with the tranny. A meal fit for
a king. 

steve lafogg says:

warning no matter where u go here if u look European or non Filipino u
will be over charged though if u have a local with u or a guide have them
go and buy what u want later when ur not with them so u get the local price
instead of the tourist price

Richie A says:

There are a lot of mistakes in this documentary. Just a little research
would have helped.

1. Balut

– “Filipinos have made it their own national dish” ..No. All Filipinos
believe either Sinigang or Adobo is our national dish

– “Balut is basically a hard-boiled egg with a beak, feathers and feet…”
….. If your balut has those, that is a reject not fit for consumption.
That myth is just propagated to ‘scare’ and ‘shock’ people in the west to
thinking how primitive our food is. A good quality ‘balut sa puti’ has no
beaks, feathers or feet visible.

2. Those small Philippine limes are not “kalamansa” but “kalamansi”

3. “They call these small bites pulutan” (referring to street snacks)….
No. Those are not ‘pulutan.’ ‘Pulutan’ refers to food consumed while
partaking any alcoholic drink.

The latter part of the show however, is pretty accurate.

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