Birds around the world take flight

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A bird’s eye view of jolly ol’ England — literally.

But it’s not a simple joy ride — the aerial footage is being used to raise awareness of endangered birds of prey, in conjunction with a contemporary art exhibition called “Here Today”.

The Imperial Eagle may be classified as “vulnerable”… however this one is anything but.

Now here’s one of the fastest falcons in Saudi Arabia. He’s worth the equivalent of $32,000 U.S. dollars, and stands ready to hunt for his keeper.

And he’s been trained well… keeping up his fitness level in the Saudi desert.

In Moscow, a vulture breathes easy — standing tall for all admirers to see.

And the zoo is pulling out all of the stops… from costumed critters to local celebrities, they’re encouraging guests to come out in winter months.

They say, it’s important to give the animals stimuli all year round.

Now look who’s pulling his weight at this Siberian zoo… A baby penguin!… The first of its kind bo


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