Best Job Around the World REGGIE Travel Video with Jauntaroo

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Close is searching for their, “Chief World Explorer”, to fill the position of, “Best Job Around the World. Duties include: Travel the world continuously for one year on Jauntaroo’s dime, visit a minimum of 30 countries, photograph, film, blog, share adventures, encourage travel, and most of all, leave every place traveled better then when you arrived. Did I mention the winner also receives 100 Grand! I’ve never encountered a project so suited to me, my abilities, and my lifelong work – inspiring others to see the world!! Please help me become Jauntaroo’s Chief World Explorer by not only watching my video, but “LIKING” it @! You can “Like” once a day until October 1st at which time Jauntaroo will announce the Top 50 Finalists. Please help me discover this dream. Asante Sana, Terima Kasih, Gracias & Thank You!


Regina Busse says:

Thanks everyone – Love the support!! Fingers and toes crossed Jauntaroo
sees in me, what you already do…a Chief World Explorer! xx

Cascia Decleer says:

Who would not want Reggie to work for them!

Regina Busse says:

Thank you very much Tim! I’m very excited about this upcoming project and
appreciate all your support! Cheers buddy!

Isabella ice says:

Omg. You need to win this contest! I think you are the best candidate out
of so many awesome people. You are an inspiration! Your life=my dream.
Voting for you everday!!! Good luck in the final round! =] -random fan

Tim Davison says:


Ken Jones says:

Totally Awesome, Reggie! Totally Awesome!

vivie14181 says:

Go! Go! Reggie! You’ll win!! -Love from sunny Indonesia-

KeirAlexa says:

You are amazing!

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