BBC Around the World in 80, Treasures India to Sri Lanka

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This time we go to one of the most beautiful regions of the world – South Asia, where we will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the unusual relationship of men and gods, and to fully enjoy the beauty of the historical and cultural monuments. In this series, you will visit: in the wonderful city of Sigiriya; in the ancient capital of Sri Lanka Polonnaruwa, which is a giant statue of Buddha; as well as learn about the Shrine, the holders of which during the seven hundred years kept his right to the throne. Well, of course we can not ignore the earthly incarnation of the heavenly paradise – the Taj Mahal.


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Varune Tillekeratne says:

“India To Sri Lanka” ——-> didnt go anywhere neer Sri Lanka 

Neldidellavittoria says:

33:10 “nowhere else in the world” This chap hasn’t been to Italy.

Dayananda Atukorele says:

Sigirya is a magnificent construction. It’s water system which also gives
it the signs of a world wonder ( which was nominated before) was admired by
a world reputed historian who described that as the irrigation technology
of the Sinhalese. Proud to see this.

Frank Pallaviccini says:

It is wonderful indeed! Soul.

Omar Majid says:

The Taj Mahal is architecturally magnificent and to film it with that lens
is indeed an absolute triumph. The Taj Mahal section of this episode can
and should be used as an advert for the manufacturers of the lens used to
film it. 

Soul Orozco says:

yay! thanks for sharing! my favorite show!

Sean Organ says:

BBC ye

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