Backpacking Travel List | Things to take Backpacking | Travel Packing List for RTW Trip

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This is my personal backpacking travel list that I use when packing for traveling around the world on an extended trip or journey. Over the years I’ve refined what I take with me and I’ve adopted the mantra of ‘less is more’ when it comes to desiring a light backpack. Most of the things I’ve cut out from my personal travel packing list revolve around clothes and toiletries. One need not carry their entire wardrobe from back home as it is literally back breaking over time.I recommend taking the following items for warm climate travels:

T-shirts (3-4 with one that is smart / collared)
Long sleeve shirts (only 1-2 pairs)
Shorts (1-2 pairs)
Pants (1-2 pairs)
Underwear (No more than 5-6 pairs)
Socks (only carry a couple of pairs)
Swimming Trunks (optional – you can use your shorts)
Light weight jacket (only one)

Soap – 1 bar
Shampoo – 1 small bottle
Deodorant – 1 stick
Toothbrush, toothpaste and floss
Small Medicine Kit

Gerber (or other multipurpose tool)


I personally carry more than what I would recommend to an average traveler considering I’m a digital nomad; however, if one wanted to be a true minimalist they could only consider taking one smart phone that could be used for taking photos and surfing online with some backup memory cards.

Best of luck packing for your travels!

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All photos and video taken by Samuel Jeffery (Nomadic Samuel) and Audrey Bergner (That Backpacker).

This video features the song ”Griphop – Kevin Macleod” available under a Creative Commons Attribution-Commercial license.


Moses GTC says:

Thank you so much samuel 🙂 U sound like a very nice, fun, positive dude! 

rupesyomoma says:

Hey great video. I was wondering where you got the packing cubes/bags…

Heather Rane says:

Great job

ohworldgirl says:

Super job Samuel – from the breathable zippered bags, to the vitamins, to
the back-up credit cards. Nice job. Good on ya!
One question is how are you securing your camera on the road? I saw your
smaller backpack but does it have any security features? — or what do you
do outside of just normal common practice to safeguard your camera in your
pack – if anything.

Sophia Maicki says:

How were you able to vlog in China?

migui8850 says:

Hi, I’m wondering what size is your green pack? Thanks

Samuel Jeffery says:

I’ve been asked many times, “What do you pack on your long-term backpacking
trips?” so today I finally answer in the form of a video: (click below to

Backpacking Travel List | Things to take Backpacking | Travel Packing List
for RTW Trip

BIGNIC says:

You can pants that convert to shorts. Two in one and possibly saves on two

Samuel & Audrey says:

I’d recommend checking out the clothing options at Mountain Equipment
Co-op. There will be lots of different brands to choose from with a lot of
lighter fabrics. The backpack is from MEC and it’s an Intercontinental.
Mine is a 65 L but they also have a smaller 45 L.

paul4444 says:

May I ask you a question about health provision ? Do you have any form of
insurance for dental , accidents , snake or dragon bites 🙂 etc etc and if
you do , can you give an idea of the cost ? Or do you just wing it ? Here
in the UK I haven’t heard of any long-term policy that can be bought for
travel outside the EU so just wondered what you do , if you do . Many
thanks if you have time to reply .

Mark Wiens says:

Great video Sam, I think we pack quite similar, and I agree, too many
people bring way too many clothes that are unnecessary!

Samuel & Audrey says:

I mainly pay with cash, so the credit card is more of back up if I’m
booking stuff online, but also in case I lose the first wallet.

Ronald Robbins says:

Great video. I always get curious as to what other long-term backpackers
take with them while traveling! 🙂

Samuel & Audrey says:

I bought mine from when it was on sale. I would suggest looking for
a good sale and buying it then. It’s quite a bit lighter from my previous

Cantyouseethejoker says:

Nice! Is this bag too big to carry on a plane? What is the maximum size
allowed? How do you keep it safe while you are on trains or walking around
the city with a smaller bag and you leave the big one in the hostel? Sorry
for the poor english, I’m brazilian. Thank you for the videos. Tchau!

sunev45 says:

ok, so how do you get your multitool past airport security? Do they allow
those on your carryon? I’m planning on traveling with a bag small enough to
carry on so i wont have to check anything. How can one get around that?

CamEric Gagnepostnikof says:

i cant stop laughing at your voice! its awsome ahah

luvmirh8mi says:

Hi, where did you get the 2nd pair of shorts (the pickpocket proof shorts)


I have two shirts that are UV protection so great for wearing day time. I
have watched a lot of travel videos over the last 9 months and I have
gotten more out of S&A’s in a brief period than all the other combined.

Vaca Vlog says:

Pretty much the same as what I pack. My tip is not to stress. As long as
you have your passport and money, you can’t screw up. Because, you can
always buy what you need on the go. I usually don’t pack as many liquids,
so that I don’t have a problem taking my bag as a carry on, onto flights.

Cam Fox says:

shut up homo

Andy Ball says:

Hey, Nice video. – I’m going backpacking later this year so all these types
of videos are really helpful. especially the detail you describe about
volumes of t shirts / shorts etc.- One quick question though : The second
wallet idea is very clever, however when you refer to the credit cards as
‘backups’ do you mean backups for your main ones (which if so, you didn’t
show & you stated no C/ cards in your main wallet) or did you mean just
back up finance in case you get robbed / etc.? thanks

dufrhd5 says:

You don’t carry a travel/international cellphone in case you need to make
an emergency call? because laptop doesn’t work with no wifi.

EeVdEwOaNrNdE says:

Great video! Thanks 🙂

Samuel & Audrey says:

Great idea! Those are easy to find as well 🙂

Samuel & Audrey says:

The pick pocket proof shorts are P Cubed. You can get them online.

Samuel & Audrey says:

The multi-tool always goes in my checked bag. There’s no way I’d be able to
get that thing through security.

eswarjj says:

Hey, awesome video. I am just starting out and would like some idea on what
model/brand of the following items you prefer: 1. Long sleeve shirt:
make/model for the lightweight options? 2. Shorts/Pants: I found something
but would like to consider your options before buying my second pair (I
sweat a lot). 3. backpack: mountain equipment co-op (mec) –> Model?

topcatsworld says:

How do you find the Dell Ultrabook? I’m looking to get a new, strong,
portable laptop for my travels. I’ve seen a good deal on the Dell but it
looks a fair bit heavier than many of the other Ultrabooks.

Samuel & Audrey says:

We have to check the big bag, but the smaller bag with our cameras and
computers comes on the plane. If we leave our valuables in a guesthouse, we
usually lock them up. We only carry a small day pack when we are out in the

luvmirh8mi says:

thanks so much…may I also suggest compression stuff sacks for clothes and
also an ultra-lite towel…cheers and enjoy your travels…

Samuel & Audrey says:

You’re welcome!

Samuel & Audrey says:

That’s a really good idea 🙂

paul4444 says:

Many thanks for your reply . Wow , those are some premiums . Only allowed
to walk 3,000 metres unless one pays extra . Shall have to look into it
more . Again many thanks . Both of you , have a great day .

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