Around The World in 90 Minutes

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At midnight, travel to the tiny country of Monaco and watch residents riding on a gondola on a beautiful summer night. By 12:05 a.m. you are transported to Canada to watch a gaggle of geese forage for food on a grassy knoll. Seem impossible? Not when the photographs are provided by the International Space Station as it orbits the Earth.

Around The World in 90 Minutes tells the spectacular story of what happens around the globe during one 90-minute voyage through a series of high definition images broadcast from thousands of miles away.

Nature, Technology Documentary hosted by David Mitchell, published by Discovery Channel in 2010


texNoz says:

Exactly which photos are supposedly taken by the ISS?

will i ever make a video before i rock now that i know that one day i rock? says:

thanks for uploading guy

Digvijay Kashyap says:

(y) Thank u..

sniper152 says:

I experienced the garbage on the beach when I went to the Isle of Man in
’96, this happens on every island that in a currents path

RooralAUS says:

Enjoyed this, learnt lots, thank you!

Kelly Grace says:

I watched this on a return flight from Africa and loved it. Amazing
visuals and facts. I’m planning on watching it with grandkids!

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