Anders Around The World 2: KTM 990 Adventure – my new travel partner

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Close sponsored a sweet deal on a brand new KTM 990 Adventure 2007 for my journey.

“Anders Around The World” is an adventure journey through 24 countries, where YOU and the rest of the viewers decide where I go and what I’ll see.


Hellboy171273 says:

Looks like you like Rocky movies. why dont you name him “Tiger” (from eye
of the tiger song) 

pistoladebolas says:

I have the same bike same colour. I named her Matilda
(Because KTM was born in Mattighofen, Austria) :)

Henrik Zillmer says:

eller også Trunte

Allen Mackenzie says:

name her Gun Smoke

Mistmatzadelous says:

Nice Video.. like the first date me and my DR Big 750! 🙂

Thomas534 says:

Den skal uden tvivl hedde Møgsvinet!

Brian Kennedy says:

From the movie The Motorcycle Diaries.. Che called his bike La Poderosa
(“The Mighty One”

Henrik Zillmer says:

The Bradolph Pittler

Henrik Zillmer says:

Rene Clio

Henrik Zillmer says:


Victor Keshelya says:

happy kid at christmas time, i know the feeling, keep going strong.

Emma Lund says:

Bradford, Stanley or Allan…

Jens Vestermark says:

You should name your bike Karen 🙂

Henrik Zillmer says:

Bedstemor Anders eller gangstativet

Kristine Andersen says:

Elvira Viola!

Vipermotard says:

horrible danish accent 😉

Christian Zacho Hansen says:

Hvad med “Sturdy Mule”….ellers en ræddi feee kværn.

Henrik Zillmer says:


Henrik Zillmer says:

Du ka kalde den KTM 990 Adventure

hortons28 says:

RAMBO intet mindre

Martin Herlin says:

THE BATMOBIKE!!! 😀 Arnold (stor og stærk) og så kommer du jo tilbage “I´ll
be back”

Dave Craige says:

Great vid. You were def excited!

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