Amazing travel video – 8 months backpacking around the world

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A GoPro video i put together of my awesome 8 month trip, October – May 2014! 5 Months in South America we travelled; Brazil, Argentina, Chilé, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Venezuela by land and then flew across to Asia (Thailand) and dived with whale sharks in the Philippines, before finishing up in Australia!!

My slightly amazing video is made up of;
– Diving the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns and Sydney, Australia.
– Exploring Iguassu Falls, Brazil and Argentina
– Hiking across the famous freezing Glacier, Perito Moreno
– Driving through Salt Flats in Bolivia
– (Barely) surviving the THE AMAZON JUNGLE!
– Machu Pichu, Peru
– Sandboarding in the Atacama Desert

…Plus LOADS more that i don’t even have time to explain!

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Music: “Neon Lights” by Doctor Vox
Royalty free/Creative Commons Music – Download Link Below…
DOCTOR VOX – Neon Lights:


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