Amasing ”virtual” travel around the World (part1)

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high quality photos and nice music,from very porular city and places of the whole World…


Rumpep says:

Fantastic journey accompanied by beautiful music. Thankyou…..B.

AlinaAllina says:

Can you please tell me what’s the name of the songs?Thank you.

Mik di perna says:

scorsi indimenticabiliiii!!!!

thejhend says:

what the fuck are you? anyone can make that video out of windows movie
maker you dumb f uck

phoenix1925 says:

the first songs are from greek musician evanthia rempoutsika

barbajr1 says:

Very good video. Well selected places. I really enjoyed this virtual
travel. Thank you!

MillionareMargarita says:


dragonslayertootoo says:

Tuscany – a land of dream locations … the Cenque Terre – Riomaggorie and
its passage of love to Manarola, Pisa and its leaning tower in the Field of
Miracles,Ferenze and its birth of Venus in the Uffizie, Chianti drank from
the walls of Siena, San Gimigiano and a courtyard with a well with love
songs from a harpist, Lucca and its Saint with a Girdle, all this love is a
land of dreams ……… A wonderfull visit of memories to come ….

Pressdrankla81 says:

ohh man Singapur was freaking expensive !!!!

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