All Around The World Outfit Of The Day | Brazil Spain & USA

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All Around The World Outfit Of The Day
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hi my little flowers ✿ .
When I was in LA at the StyleHaul headquarters I had the opportunity to meet International Youtube Vloggers Dani & Sara. We all had lunch together and decided to film a collaboration right after. So here on my channel we’re doing an outfit of the day which is fun because you get to take a peak at fashion from around the world. On Dani’s channel we’re doing fun random questions and on Sara’s channel she challenged us to create DIY T-shirts for the beach… be sure to check out both of their channels and subscribe while you’re at it.


ps- if you’re reading this leave a comment saying which country you’d like me to show next in another All Around The World OOTD. (Not sure if I can make this happen but hopefully when I travel to new places I can meet some locals to feature in an OOTD video)

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JaaackJack says:

Hope you guys enjoy this fun OOTD with my friend Dani & Sara! Thumbs up for
more All Around The World OOTDs 🙂 

Jen Isip says:

Hi Jackie, since you’re planning to have a vacation here in the
Philippines, why not do an ootd here.. I think that would be fun 🙂 

Jessica Borek says:

It looks like your wearing a quartz on your necklace. Quarts crystals are
very healing. 

JaaackJackVlogs says:

eeek, I just realized that we all planned to upload this video on
Saturday… Sorry I uploaded it early guys! Their collab videos will be up
sometime tomorrow <3

Jessica Borek says:

Jacky is such a cool person. So down to earth. :)

cdbabalorios says:

Hi Jackieee!!! Sooo cute video!!!!!!!!! I love iiiiit!!!! 🙂 It’s very nice
to remember the great time we had in L.A., I want to come back…, jeje. It
was a really pleasure to meet you both. The DIY challenge video, is ready!

roo thao says:

Saras jewelry peices are very cute. The bracelet watch combo, so cute.
Danis outfit is very cute!

Larissa Carvalho says:

It was really nice to see you and Dani together! I am a big fan of both of
you ♡ I love all the outfits! Kisses from Brazil ♡

Kit Kat says:

First like:))

elina love says:

this is awesome! you girls are beauties!

Chloe Kremer says:

Ilysm Jackie your such an inspiration I was wondering if you could do a
meetup in Rochester NY

Hannah Baudelaire says:

I love all outfits!
Dani looks like a little doll, so cute!

Kisses from Brazil! *_*

Andrea Renee says:

This is awesome! 

Giovana Cintra says:

As a Brazilian I really like the cloths that you choose! Love it ❤️

Mari Campos says:

Dani linda arrasando nos EUA! Kkkkkkk

Amber Keoho says:

Amazing!! <3 Loved the outfits, the girls seem awesome.

Polished By Amy says:

Such a cool video!❤️

kateybell 1 says:

hi great vid u should come to ireland cork it would be awsome

caseyscupcakes9 says:

Love the music!And Awesome video!!

Thalita Holanda says:

Dani is a lovely person!! I saw you on her videos and now I’m following you

Vionnette Ann says:

Loved the video such unique and awsome styles :)

Lary carvalho says:

Dani Noce ❤

Cuca Cardoso says:

Hi Jack! It is so cool to see Danielle Noce in your channel =D, I am a big
fan of you guys! Greetings from The Netherlands.

Yesenia Lopez says:

Mexico please. 

Ricardo Souza says:

São todas carismáticas e estilosas ^^

Johana Child says:

Love this collab!

Infinite Inspirit says:

Gorgeous outfits from the three of you! i love this collab thing because
you don’t just see one person from one area’s outfit but three instead!

Letícia Magalhães says:

I realy loved you hair! <3

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