Airport Diary – Episode 3: My Dream is to Travel around the World

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Let us introduce you a new animation for children about planes and cars!
Winkie, a small airliner, whose dream is to travel around the world comes to the Fluffy Airport and meets various airplanes and cars. This animation also reveals secret stories about airplanes and airport!


For Kids TV says:

Watch this:

Get Movies says:

The airplanes are so cute! Which is your favourite?

The Fixies says:

Excellent video! Check out this one:

Kikoriki says:

Did you notice Forceking is a little bit arrogant?

Qumiland says:

All people there are like toys))

KinderKlubTV says:

Winky is so small! He’s a baby plane!

Теремок ТВ says:

Travel around the world! Everyone dreams about that! Do you?

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