Adnan Oktar: So long as Muslims keep standing against the arts, music and women’s choices about clothes, Islamophobia will occur all around the world

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ADNAN OKTAR: So long as Muslims keep standing against music, against the arts and against women’s wearing revealing clothes – for instance, because my friends are wearing revealing clothes here, I receive lots of messages about them, even though the relatives, the mothers and the sisters of those people are also wearing such clothes, yet despite that, their subconscious is filled with those ideas. Europe is also fed up with them.  These people are against sculpture, against painting, against music, against entertainment, against the laughter of women, against women going outside, wearing revealing clothes, against men cutting their beards, and the punishment (they see fit for those acts) is always death.

When this is the case, people feel terrified. Islam is misrepresented as a religion of terror. That is the reason why such an antipathy is formed. Then they call it  ‘Islamophobia.’ There is terrorophobia actually, people are terrified because of terror. You are spreading terror. What does it have to do with Islam? The things you are talking about have nothing to do with Islam. You are talking about a system of terror and you are misrepresenting it as Islam. You have named terror as Islam. There is compassion, mercy, love, arts, science, aesthetics,  beauty and everything in Islam. 


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