A Girl’s Fantasy. Travel the World.

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We all dream of traveling around the world, going to those big Epic events of a lifetime.
But don’t just dream about it, do it.
Hop on a plane. Have fun! The world is your playground.

The fact is if you are not living on the edge, you are taking up too much space.
-Jim Whittaker

Party Around The World is the place for the most happening events on the planet.

Directed by Greg Montemurro
Model – Alisha Olson


Get Spoiled, Nails and Spa says:


nancy swain says:

Traveling the world is one of the best experiences. Everyone should do it. 

theresa obrien says:

Festival of Colors, been there. Awesome fun festival!

Jason Dinkins says:

That girl is hot!

joey amaro says:

Actually if I had her, I wouldn’t leave the house.

Vale do Lúpulo says:

Music from???

patricia vasquez says:

I need the Party App, take me somewhere fun!

Ann Reay says:

Party Around The World. Love it!

courtney contreras says:

Wish there was an app for that. Beam me up Scottie. lol

javier torres says:

Wow, I want to Party Around The World.

Wiesiek Ciecko says:


brisa maria alvarez cardozo says:


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