6 Travel Facts that will inspire you to Travel Around the World

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6 Travel Facts that will inspire you to Travel Around the World

Studies have shown that…..

Traveling reduces depression and stress significantly. Why waste money on doctors and medicine when there is Thailand? Why on Earth people get depressed if you can go to the top of the himalayas, a hidden beach in South East Asia or Santorini? Of course, many people may argue tons of stuff, the thing is to live life to the fullest. I know it sounds corny and repetitive but it really is true and still people find it really hard to live up to it. I invite you to give it a try, you don’t have to travel around the world. When you feel down, just grab your car keys and just drive anywhere for the weekend, better if you end up somewhere you have not been before, do not be afraid to be spontaneous. In my personal experience I have met a bunch a people that travel frequently and truth is that all of them seem truly happier than non traveler. But, this is only my perception.

Travel helps overall brain health actually making you smarter and more creative. Can you find better way to exercise the most important organ in your body? Well, of course there is reading, taking a math course and so. But how cool is going halfway around the world and actually exercising your brain? Actually this makes sense to me because every single of my frequent traveling friends actually are very smart and creative.

Money spent on travel makes you happier than money spent on material goods. Are you really still thinking of those expensive pair of shoes? Do you remember how you felt after that great year studying abroad or that long vacation in Asia? If there is something that really makes me happy is the great memories from my travel adventures. Those memories will remain while those expensive shoes and clothes, well, they just fade away.

Couples have developed increased levels of intimacy after traveling together. Couple’s therapy not working? Why not take a trip? It has actually helped many of my friends who are couples. Make your lover your best travel accessory.

People who travel are better problem solvers. If you have traveled with someone who has more experience traveling than you, then you can tell how it is easy for them to get their way around problems and situations.

Travelers feel less anxiety in social situations. They make friends easily at any given “hi”. This fact actually surprised me a lot at first. But then, after thinking about it, it makes me connect the dots and also makes sense. My fellow wanderers hardly have any trouble making new friends or meeting a total strangers. Even further, they are often the most secure and most comfortable people around more people.

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