500 Days Alaska to Argentina – The Modern Motorcycle Diaries

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Alaska to Argentina in 500 Days, the sights and roads of a motorcycle journey, a one man video documentary of the craziest, most beautiful and intense roads the Western World has to offer.

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Mosey Levy says:

This is insane. 

Rania Madanat says:

503 days!!! Wow I’d love to disappear for that long! 


This is incredible man! You are living the moto dream! :)

Данил Быков says:

Из Аляски до Аргентины за 500 дней (или 9 минут видео)

javier gonzalez says:

what kind of motorcycle is that ? what model ? 

jorgito best says:

I’m surprised that there no hate comment on this video.

vassili1234 says:

dude. you are a fuckin hero. just simply amazing. overwhelmingly jealous
and want to do the same SO BAD.
just rode NYC to SF, 5900 miles, but this is some next level shit.

Christian Leonardo Vergara Marin says:

Grandioso!!! Hacer exactamente lo mismo es mi sueño… ocupe mis ahorros en
mi primera moto y un casco, al menos ya tengo los primeros pasos para
llegar a realizarlo!

Gran video, realmente muy inspirador.

Pd: De que forma te costeas un viaje así por tanto tiempo? Podrías darme
unos consejos? Siempre tengo esa duda.

Saludos desde Chile, vi que fuiste a torres del Paine.. que maravilla (:

Max Borysuik says:

После этого видео я сразу же подписался на этого чувака!

Hakan Karakus says:

The Modern Motorcycle Diaries – 500 Days from Ala…:

Italo Cesar says:

parabéns, lindo vídeo, linda jornada, será minha inspiração!!!

TheMaverickUK says:

it looks like my dream

saqib shakil says:

judging by the comments many of us simply inspired and amazed.

emerson mainhardt says:

Congratulations friend … very inspiring images and the whole trip. I just
arrived from a trip that seemed to be a great trip, but now I think it was
just a walk on the court. Only 6,000 kms of Santa Catarina (southern
Brazil) to Valparaiso (Chile) with a Yamaha Teneré 250 in 18 days. Soon I
will make a compilation video.
We meet the road.

Dan Dis says:

Un voyage extraordinaire, bien résumé et pour ma part je sens poindre une
légère frustration. A very good movie. Merci

georget bernard says:

super trip monsieur Chacon.Images magnifiques

Rodrigo Osorio says:

Whato do you think about doing this trip on a cruiser, is it possible?

Yellow Puschl says:

My GoPro Hero…

svouros40 says:

How much time does someone need to cross all the highway from north to
south and how easy is it? Looks like the absolute, ultimate road trip
globally…hoping someone will read my comment and also answer…

John Gonzales says:

What an adventure! How could anyone want to see the world any other way?


My kind of adventure. Awesome.

Vitek Borovik says:

The Modern Motorcycle Diaries – 500 Days from Ala…:

Muhammad Sajjad says:

looks good and crazy when you dancing, All is mean wonderful

Flavio Adrian Tinto says:

Exelente vídeo ,muy bien compaginado y buena musica ,seguro una experiencia
única y se presiente viéndola ,saludos

Pierre Hassam Ali says:

Amazing, great video!! 

Preetham Beleyele says:

we live young,,we live free ,, we are the living !

diego ernandes says:

Que show …parabens …muito legal

Touhami MELHA says:

I have never seen a video like this before! it`s wonderful.

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