3 expressions to improve your conversation skills

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http://www.engvid.com/ Improve your conversation skills in English immediately with these three easy expressions. You’ll make it easier for people to understand what you’re saying, and your speech will flow more naturally, just by following the tips I give in this free lesson. To make sure you’ve understood how to use these three expressions correctly, take the quiz at http://www.engvid.com/conversation-skills-3-expressions/


Chef Derek Butt says:

Speaking of aliens, do they wear shoes?

Ranbir Sharma says:

If you ask me, Shah Rukh Khan is the bollywood actor, speaking of Shah Rukh
Khan he is god of romance, As i was saying Shah Rukh Khan is the king of
bollywood Industry…. (Is my expression correct?) please reply me any

Luca Mozzo says:

Does anyone want to practice with speaking via Skype or Hangout? Level: B2
► C1 – time zone: GMT +1

titeeni says:

Greeting from Taiwan. I love Emma. She always uses the simplest way
supported with daily examples to help me better understand the usages of
English. Keep it up and hope Emma can click like of my words.

anes rayane says:

Your lessons are great,Emma! Thank you!

Hesham Montasser says:

Hey Thank you for this vedio but i have a very big proplem in learning
english as you know i am from egypt and i cant find any native english
speaker here to speak english with and i cant find any Situation to speak
in english. thats the reason that i cant improve my english speaking and
iam searching right now for someone to speak with me and teach me english
at skype to improve my speaking, Please if any one can help me just add me
and here is my account: Hesham.Montasser.Moustafa thank you ;)

Andy Sternbild says:

If you ask me, I will say Emma is the best teacher ever. Speaking of Emma,
she is very beautiful. As I was saying, she teachs well.

leo says:

Is the first time that i see that some teacher on youtube talk about
superheros, that’s great! In my opinion Batman is the best jajajaja

Jack Liu says:

he’s australian.lol

Hoooooofi says:

شرح رائع

thalg shitaa says:

you has a nice movements

cleofer gutama says:

My name is cleofer I am a English teacher. But I need improve my skills to

kepamty says:

I can’t understand like to use the expression number 2.
Somebody can help me?
I speak Español and Italiano

amir rashad says:

beautiful smile and great examples.. thanks <3

weewilly2007 says:

That’s a mighty big WHITE board, does it mean it can do as it pleases? LOL
Just kidding, but Wolverine the greatest superhero?

Carmen Belén Rodríguez Castillo says:

If you ask me, this was a good class Enma!

Jason Lim says:

Your lecture is awesome. Precise and accurate. Thank you very much. Really
appreciate it.

Michelle Rojas says:

You’re the best teacher I’ve met I mean I just had like 14 teachers and no
one knew how explain or teach the lesson you’re nice… and you’re smile
it’s beautiful 

zafer köksal says:

emma, so lovely you are.Thanks from İstanbul.

Kundan Tiwari says:

really interesting.


Emma, your presentation is awesome. Thanks a lot.

Kozmik Bambi says:

thanks for these lessons :)

Carlos Eduardo Batista eSilva says:

Emma you are amazing teacher!!!

Salman Farsi Fuad says:

Thanks a lot Emma

Jafar Sadik Chowdhury says:

If you want to practice English speaking, add my username on Skype.
Username: jafar_sadikc :)

Marcos Vinicius says:

Add me on skype : marcosvinicius43 i’d love to talk english or french with
anyone ! 

jaya shree says:

when life puts uu in difficult situations , don’t say ” Why me ? just say ”
Try me “.

Francisco Quenta says:

If you ask me, you’re so beautiful.

shashi bhushan says:

its helpful so much ;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;thanks


Hi Emma. I’m from Venezuela, I really like your class but I think you
should not bump into or get off the board.

zaid fouad says:


Vicent armiñana says:

I love your lessons

Natik July says:

I also want to practice. Add my skype – na_t_ik93

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