25 Of The World’s Cheapest Places To Live

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When the words cheap and inexpensive are thrown around, people may be a bit skeptical as to what they are applied to. You know what they say – “you get what you pay for”. While this is normally a justified position, price does not necessarily imply quality. This is especially true when it comes to choosing a place to live. There are a great number of variables that goes into calculating the value of a place; from a city’s policies to a city’s urban design. These variables make delineating value from a city a little complex. However, thanks to the Economist’s Intelligence Unit report, there is a list available ranking the top 25 of the world’s cheapest places to live. Now the question is, would you live in any of these places?


Jessica Dorantes says:

Lol mexico DF is not cheap. It’s the same or more compared to LA. Lol I’ve

fag mcdick says:

Ethiopia is the cheapest. You can buy a masion and armed security for a

CreeperCraftGames1 says:

I’d expect Kathmandu to have very expensive commodities since it’s high up
there in the mountains.

Zach McClure says:

No more Kathmandu to live in now

ThatBlackDudeinChina says:

whenever I see these lists and never see a chinese city, I throw it in the
bin. places like qingdao? chengdu? dude you’re slippin. I pay $400 for a
three bedroom, 2 bath furnished lol. 

James Ru says:

Come to Western Pennsylvania. You can buy a nice house for under forty
thousand dollars.

Saurabh Ghosh says:

you people are retard “the world’s cheapest PLACE to live is KOLKATA in

Zoltán Karászi says:
sexyxrs says:

this is all wrong … take avrige salary from those countries and see how
much % of it do they have to pay for their apartment i bet if u did top 25
none of those cities would be there (maybe excpet soudi arabia one)

its cheap for u making american $ in america but for ppl living there not
that cheap at all … and that makes it not cheap .

Steve Kahn says:

Best place to live is in Antarctica. Costs nothing for everything. If your
not Moslem, no Moslem country is safe, maybe cheap, but deadly. No
ex-Communist country either like Kiev, Sofia, Bucharest, not safe. Colombia
is FARC and drug land, maybe Chile, but earthquakes prevalent. Brazil
deadly, Sr Lanka maybe, Johannesburg, high crime area. Kerguelen and
Kermadec Islands perfect.

Dalius says:

Woohooo, our capital, Vilnius, was mentioned ! Awesome. Sure is a great
city, but I rather live in another country.

Lawson Hofer says:

yep mexico and egypt and iran great places to live

Haseeb Ayaz says:

I’ve brought up in Karachi, trust me, it’s not cheap if you’re earning
basic salary, but could be extremely cheap for tourists, although clothing
prices could blow your mind due to the rising of Pakistan Fashion Industry.

Daryl Wright says:

Bogota, Chile, Panama? These cities are not very cheap. Been to all of them
a number of times. Nice cities…. Maybe cheaper than say… Europe… But
I think you’re missing a key stat for sure.

Joey P says:

I think if you factor in crime and poverty most of these places may be
cheap but you wouldn’t want to live there 

Aravind Sanjeev says:

By the way, Mumbai costs your ass to live in actual practice. People live
by govt subsidies.

hdvideogeek says:

Do not agree with your rating. Delhi and Mumbai are the costliest cities in
India. Chennai (previously called Madras) and Kolkata (previously called
Calcutta) are cheaper than Delhi and Mumbai. Chennai and Kolkata are huge
metropolitan cities with international airports.

jenny saito says:

I already know manila philippines is in here sh*t

Arsenal says:

Kathmandu is not really that cheap mate…You cant survive with 1$ per
day..thats bullshit…

Jo D says:

dude, you havent been to these places, and believe me, they are not the
cheapest to live in unless you are a sheikh

ecuadordean says:

How stupid!

Sarthak Adhikari says:

i dont think mumbai is the cheapest place to live , where it costs u 1and
1/2 crore for owning a flat , in foreign u may get it with private beach
for such a sum of amount.

Greg Boardman says:

Nobody is a English speaking country first… the Black Knight

selvi bhaskar says:

old is gold that’s like cheap is may be keep save more money…..

GlobalCitizen says:

You got it all wrong dude. Mumbai is one of the expensive city in the
world. Mumbai Ranked 12th Most Expensive City in New Study link:
If you have to purchase a house in suburbs of Mumbai you need to spend
around a minimum amount of $ 1,59,924 which is quite expensive to the
locals and the property rates are increasing each day. 

NewDay says:

Karachi Pakistan is where I’m moving. The bread will make it worth my
while. I’m going to Karachi where they sleep out every night. going to
Karachi yeah thats where everyone is out of side that party to the left
that party to the right everybody’s they’re doing the honky tonk you might
in Karachi Karachi my eyes paradise.

Citriano Torres says:

Pretty random.

Ruslan Beliawsky says:

Probably Kiev is the best among the list

Dory Dorina says:

If you live in Bucharest (Romania), it is not cheep at all! It is quite
expensive. And it’s the same for Sofia, Bulgaria. You classified them based
on what? A salary from another EU country or USA? That is not right…Do
your homework better :P

ershadsocal says:

I traveled Dhaka, Bangladesh. It is a mega crowded city with modern
facilities where one can live for $300. US $1 equls around 78 taka,
Bangladeshi currency. It has democracy country and it is pretty much like
India. I traveled India 3 times as well.

b.vamsi krishna says:

finally found a list where Pakistan gets the top place , the irony is its
‘Cheap’ lol

Suren Xavier says:


Samsul Haque says:

fucking list at no 1 place. It should be kolkata all time ever.

Eesnimi Perenimi says:

Ridiculous list, lots on citys on that list have 500k € house prices 

Defcom96 says:

70% of my wage goes on rent.its in a shit area with air traffic overhead
and cant buy any bacon at the only local butcher,but at least I`ve met
about 5 Australians in the last 7 years here…..what is the average %
spent of ones wage in these 25 places?

Roy Tribble says:

I’m convinced you can live cheaply in almost any city, any place on Earth.
It requires that you live simply and smart. Immigrants living NYC in broken
tenements with failing water systems and unsafe fire provisions, but they
survive living in very small spaces sharing rooms with three or four other
people for a few hundred a month in rent. It’s not a great life, but it’s a
life… in NYC… and these are not even American citizens doing this.
Survival is relatively possible anywhere. Also depends on what you eat and
how much you eat. Cheap food is everywhere. I also think Kathmandu would be
one of the cheapest big cities, but the rest of the list seems

MrCreeper says:

North Korea

J M Petrilak says:


Sibin Antony says:

As per the latest reports the cheapest city in India is Trivandrum, the
capital of Kerala state. Arguably it is the cheapest in the world

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