2014 Flights Around the World

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2014 was full of awesome travel destinations for us. Here are a few of our favourite flights with the Dji Phantom 2 and H3-3D and GoPro Hero3+

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Because We Camp says:

Beautiful shots!

Rear View Mirror says:

This is great! Especially loved all the elephant shots. :)

Mike's Road Trip says:

You can capture some amazing footage from the drones.

Diego Ruiz says:

Great work! I love it

TravMonkey says:

Awesome! Great wall of china? How are you even allowed to fly it over there?

I need to get myself one of these …maybe in a few years!

Travizeo, the travel video company says:

2014 Flights Around the World with @DJIGlobal and @GoPro 

Dave Bouskill says:

wow! you had some great flights this year! well done. That one coast after
the elephants looks like Ireland? We took a helicopter flight over Victoria
Falls and it’s magnificent isn’t it? You’ve given me an idea to compile the
flights we’ve taken over the year. One day I’ll have to do this…in my
spare time haha! ~ Deb

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