141025 GOT7 Around The World

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halchu says:

Hi Twisties90, I didn’t know torrent link.
2pmjunho uploaded 1080p http://www.dailymotion.com/playlist/x3fpuz_2pmjunho_feel-live/1#video=x288la5

askywalker says:

thanks for sharing :PP
dangg bambam looks so sexyy :PP dark hair suits him xDD
the flips by jackson, jb, and mark are wow :OO

Twisties90 says:

hi unni firstly i wanna say thank you so much for sharing this with us but sorry to bother you about something else ^^! do u have torrent link for junho FEEL tour?? ;_; sorry again~

nmt11 says:

Thank you for uploading! love it! I am impressed that they do the whole song live + dancing! There are still more rooms for improvement though, hope to see more amazing performance in the future XD

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