1000 days of travel around the world & 環遊世界1000天:Day 1.

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Jan 6, 2015 began my 1000 days of travel around the world, China is my first stop, and the Government of China have blocked Facebook website which why I have been 100 days without any messages on Facebook. Today is my first time to post a message after I left China, and is just like left a prison, but also thus accumulated a considerable number of stories will take time to tell you.

Jan 6, 2015 開始了我環遊世界1000天的旅行,在第一站的中國就因封鎖了臉書網站致已100天沒在臉書發過任何訊息,今天是環球旅行後第一次在臉書 po 文了,感覺還真的滿像出獄的感覺,也因此累積了相當多的故事將會慢慢說來


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1000 days of travel around the world.

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