10 Surreal Places To Visit Before You Die

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Amazing places around the world where you need to travel to.
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We are all well aware of the Seven Wonders of the World, which vary between man-made spectacles of nature and what Mother Earth has created on her own. But believe it or not, the Seven Wonders seem to upstage other beautiful and incredible locations around the world. They are so surreal, that you will think that maybe they are perhaps from a painting, or a glimpse from a person’s imagination. Whether you’re a world traveler, or a homebody, do yourself a favor and go out to see these places before you die. You definitely will not regret it. But what exactly should you go out and see and where do you start?

For example, in Norway, there is a place called Trolltunga, and it was created over 10,000 years ago and is a rather popular destination for hikers and bikers. If you’re afraid of heights, then you might want to avoid this place, as there is nothing stopping you from falling into the foggy abyss as it is 1,100 meters above sea level and 700 meters above the lake it towers over. Interestingly enough, Trolltunga has seen no fatalities so far.

In Australia, there is a pink body of water called Lake Hillier that spans 600 meters long and 250 meters side. The lake is a saline lake, and is rather popular amongst tourists and locals alike. The pink color has remained a mystery for a while, and the water stays pink even if you take some out of it. It is speculated that it is algae that makes the water turn its pink color. But if you need something a little cooler, then head on over to Alaska to the Mendenhall Ice Caves and are located under the 12 mile long Mendenhall Glacier near Juneau, Alaska. But you might want to make a rush visit since global warming has already caused part of the cave to collapse. Not to mention that you also have to kayak and ice climb to also reach the ice caves.

In Mexico, there is the Cenotes de Yucatan, where there are over 7,000 sinkholes thanks to the collapse of the landscape’s limestone. The waters in the Yucatan Peninsula are crystal clear, making the location extremely popular amongst scuba divers. The area has vast caves and secret passageways and caves…all under water. In Turkey, there is the Palmukkale, which is a natural spot in the country made up of 17 hot springs and travertine ranging from 35 to 100 degrees Celsius. People love to visit Palmukkale because they can bathe in the hot springs, which has been a practice for thousands of years.

Fly Geyser looks like it was taken out of a painting, but it was really created by accident from a drilling incident in 1964. Minerals upon minerals piled on top of the site, creating a colorful geyser that is a popular tourist destination in Nevada. But be careful, you can only access it from a private road. In Belize, there is a place called the Great Blue Hole, which Jacques Cousteau declared it as one of the best scuba diving site being 300 meters long and 124 meters deep.

These are just a few of the amazing surreal sites that you have to see before you die. So, take a look at the video and be prepared to be amazed.
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Everyone knows about the Seven Wonders of the World, but what about some of the lesser known and more treacherous locations to visit? From pink lakes to underground water caves, these locations are stunning and dangerous, but well worth the trip just for the spectacular view. These are the most surreal places on earth that you must see before you die.

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Mckenzy Parker says:

I’ll go when I’m in heaven :]

TheRichest says:

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subscribing :)

CreeperKing864 says:

Which one do you like more?

Kåre Lomb says:

Im from Norway and I sat on trolltunga in last summer (sorry for bad

Light Yagami says:

The background song is epic :3

LapisLupis says:

A few of these places look like areas in Borderlands 2.

Allie A says:

I’ve been to the one in Wyoming! It’s so cool!

Reila Shiro says:

Strawberry milk?? XD

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Le no go here…le go to starbuckz

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A lake of Pepto-bismol great!

Tom Shufflebottom Fitness says:

Shoulda visited my bedroom tho

Will891410 says:

I have no more than one year of life and yet i have no money to visit any
of those places.


richest list for the richest . . 

Nilesh Chate says:

I would like to visit these places if and only if someone fund my
trips,maybe Bill Gates can.

Neo Logic says:

I’ve already been in Pamukkale 😀 ♥

Crazy Boy Studios says:

It sure is inspiring to an artist to see the amazing beauty in God’s

Amelia Kay says:

What about New Zealand? I bet there would be tons of places here! 

Oscar Guendulain says:

I remember watching this channel when they had 15k subs

Lydia Brown says:

The salt flat had the affect of a mirror because of the water that sits on
top after it rains

Henrik Øhrn says:

As a Norwegian I just got to say that trolltunga means” the troll tounge”.

Rauli on best says:

I just want to see Amazon rainforest before i die 

Correy Jecklin says:

kik me ay cman1124 girls 18 and up only

Shaheer Shahbaz says:

Im live in norway but ive never heard of it D:

Irena Mikic says:

10 Surreal Places To Visit Before You Die: https://youtu.be/5wNrfwH9ptA

Ghoststing87 says:

I’ve been to Fly Geyser!

FALLOUT lover says:

thanks for the great video 

Bread says:

I’ve been to the prismatic spring a couple times. Sometimes the steam is so
thick that you can’t even see it. I also saw a little kid leaning over the
bridge. He was about to fall when his parents grabbed him.

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Jew Macintosh says:

Oh that’s nice. I have to trespass to see fly geyser. Fuck it yolo. 

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