10 Kashmir Things Famous in the World (KASHMIR INDIA TRAVEL VIDEO GUIDE)

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This Kashmir travel guide video will present you 10 Kashmiri things famous around the world from Kashmir. My Kashmiri friend Abid from Srinagar, capital of Kashmir and I (Anil Mahato) will tell you 10 things you should know which are very famous from Kashmir and are souvenirs of Kashmir from Pashmina shawl & scarf to saffron you are using. Try to see or buy these Kashmiri things in your next visit to Kashmir, India.
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10 Things from Kashmir Famous Around the World

राकेष कुमार says:

अच्छा विडीओ

Michael S says:

I would think carpets would be the second most famous item next to saffron.

Sari HD says:

Mashallah, nice video bro

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